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    AVGVSTVS Bare head r. “CAESAR IMP VII”, Rev.: “ASIA RECEPTA”, Victory standing l. holding weath, on cista mystica between two serpents erect. AR quinarius. Uncertain Italian mint, Brindisium, Rome.(?) 29-27 BC. Ref.: BMCRE 647, RSC 14. RCV 1568. RIC I, 276 Scarce. (13.5mm, 1.68 gr.). Marcantica,€.200

    The mystical cista or basket, of Bacchus was the symbol of proconsular Asia, which this coin declares to be “recepta ”, that is taken in possession of by Caesar. Victory is placed on the cista simply because, in the Roman mint, that figure was the perpetual type of the quinarius. Augustus “received” Asia within the sphere of his dominions when, in 30 BC either on his expedition into Egypt, or on his return to Asia, he tarried there to arrange public affairs, and also wintered in the country. Looking to the reverse side epitaph, ”ASIA RECEPTA ”, as well as to the title “IMP VII”: it is during Augustus Caesar 5th.Consulate that he became Imperator for the 7th.Time, the coin could not have been minted earlier than 29 BC

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    These are neat little quinarius.
    Augustus 1.jpg
    AR Quinarius
    OBVERSE: IMP VII CAESAR - Bare head right
    REVERSE: ASIA RECEPTA - Victory standing left on cippus, holding wreath and palm, snake on either side
    Uncertain Italian Mint 29-27 BC
    1.7g, 13mm
    RIC 276, S 1568
  4. Alegandron

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    Nice Quinarius @PMONNEY ! Very nice detail, centered... great Quinarius.

    I actually have a couple, but they are pretty worn...

    Actually, someone stole the Reverse on this one... snakes, victory, and all!
    RI Augustus Quinarius - possibly Asia Recepta - blank wore-off-rev Obv-Rev.JPG
    RI Augustus Quinarius - possibly Asia Recepta - blank wore-off-rev

    And, well, this guy as REALLY "been around":
    RImp Octavian AR Quinarius 29-28 BCAsia Recepta Victory Cista Snakes S 1568.jpg
    RImp Octavian AR Quinarius 29-28 BCAsia Recepta Victory Cista Snakes Sear 1568
  5. Severus Alexander

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    Very nice example, I've rarely seen these with complete legends.

    Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 3.54.10 PM.jpg
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