High-end Ancient coins for sale! Gold, silver bronze, Roman, provincial, and Greek!

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    Lots of lovely high-end ancient coins for your perusal. As always, domestic shipping is included in the price, and feel free to make offers. :)

    Up for sale is a scarce ancient electrum coin. The first coins ever struck were struck out of electrum, a naturally-occurring alloy of silver and gold. This alloy was found in Pactolus River in Lydia. From this, coins of a standard weight (called a stater, or “standard”) and divisions thereof were struck for circulation ca 650 BC.

    This example is more refined than these early coins, but it still possesses a charming archaic style. It was struck in Lesbos ca 500 BC, where many of the electrum coins known today were struck.

    Lesbos, Mytilene; c. 521-478 BC, EL Hekte (1/6 stater), 2.54g. Extremely beautiful and unusual head of lion for this mint. Unusual head of bull on reverse. aEF/EF

    Obv: Head of roaring lion facing right.
    Rev: Incuse head of calf facing right.




    Ancient Greek Corinth AR Stater. Ca 400-375 BC. 7.92g. VF condition
    Pegasus Flying Left
    Helmeted Athena facing right; thymiaterion to right
    Ravel 580-1



    Roman Provincial; Phoenicia Tyre. Trajan AR Tetradrachm, struck 103-109 AD. 14.93g. Beautiful VF+/EF with excellent centering and surfaces. There is still some luster present.

    Laureate head of Trajan facing right.
    Eagle standing on club, facing wings spread, head facing left.

    Prieur 1494



    Roman Provincial; Mysia, Parium. Commodus AE23. 177-192 AD. F with decent detail and great surfaces and centering.

    Laureate, cuirassed head of Commodus facing right
    Asclepius seated facing right, examining the hoof of a bull standing facing left

    SNG BN 1484



    Septimius Severus AR denarius. 3.16g. Rome mint, ca. 198-200 AD. Lovely VF/EF with great centering and surfaces.

    Laureate head of Septimius Severus facing right
    Victory flying facing left, holding wreath with both hands, shield below on base

    RIC 144b



    Roman Provincial; Troas, Alexandria Troas. Severus Alexander AE25, 222-235 AD. 7.36g. Bold VF with a pleasant patina and excellent centering.

    Laureate, draped bust of Severus Alexander facing right.
    Horse grazing facing right

    SNG Copenhagen 165



    Ancient Roman Egypt, Philip I, 244-249. Billon Tetradrachm. 13.06g. Bold VF with attractive patina highlights and perfect centering.

    Laureate, cuirassed bust of Philip I facing right
    Homonia standing, facing, head facing left, holding double cornucopiae

    Köln 2699



    Postumus AR Antoninianus, struck 268 AD, Trier Mint, 2.46g. Beautiful EF with excellent style on the obverse portrait and some luster still evident on the silvering. Centering is rather decent.

    Radiate, draped, and cuirassed bust of Postumus facing right.
    Sol standing facing left, holding whip

    RIC 77



    Roman Egypt, Claudius II Gothicus, AD 268-270, RY 2 (269/70), Potin Tetradrachm. 8.91g. Bold VF+ in high relief.

    Laureate, cuirassed bust of Claudius II facing right.
    Nike advancing left, holding wreath and palm

    Köln 3042; Dattari 5399



    Maxentius AE Follis, Aquileia Mint, Struck AD 307. 5.36g. Bold VF with fine detail still visible. Decent centering.

    Laureate head of Maxentius facing right
    Roma seated, handing wreath to Maxentius, both within tetrastyle temple; she-wolf and twins in acroteria

    RIC 113


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