hidden images/letters or words on a penny

Discussion in 'Error Coins' started by Jamiebby, Apr 5, 2017.

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    I should not give my 2 cents because afterall i am a lincoln collector but here goes....to op and members that replied. A forum is a place to talk about your hobbies interest and ask and answer questions. Its way better and helpful than pre internet and faster too.
    Since we now understand a forums purpose, then why ridicule anyone ever. If they say something ignorant or directed at you be the better person and walk or in this case click away. If you dont have something nice to say........you know the rest.....but if you can contribute a link to the minting process you want the OP to learn about or a kind i dont see anything sorry i tried can you point out exactly where you want me to look sounds nice and welcoming and supportive and helpful. But bashing and hurting someones feelings trying to learn seems so counter productive to this site. We should want newbies and veterans and everyone in between. To you folks with experience did you know everything at birth? What if you were harassed about your new interest when you started would you have still pursued it? Im typing all this because it seems to be a common thread in all posts starts legit and ends with ridiculous banter. If the OP is a trolling nutjob looking for attention you will learn that avout them as you try to help them cause they will not be able to help themselves
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  3. paddyman98

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    Are you done? Going to sleep now.
  4. randall barrett

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    I see images on lincoln pennies and Indian Head pennies and have wondered how they got there, If you look close you may see animals,birds and or people sometimes spacemen, These images are not my imagination they are on almost all wheat pennies .Just take a look. I have never seen anyone else talk about how they got there but they are there. I assumed they were on the blanks before the penny was stamped but I dont know but I really would like to know how they got there and why they are there.
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  5. paddyman98

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    The images got on the Blank Planchets by... MAGIC!
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  6. randall barrett

    randall barrett New Member

    I really hope there is someone out there who has a better answer than MAGIC, Maybe you could have said its just my imagination,or I must be seeing things that are not there, Any non believers out there ,just take a look at a few wheat pennies you will see clear images of either men,women animals or birds or all of the above.
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  7. paddyman98

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    It is really just your imagination! Really! ;)
    I have been collecting Mint errors for almost 34 years.. I have never ever seen what you have described.. Please understand the Minting Process from the creation of the Blank Planchets to striking of the coins.. It's a very simple process!
  8. randall barrett

    randall barrett New Member

    well Its not just my imagination,I have shown others and asked them if they see anything and ALL of them see very clear images on lots of different pennies.If you look at a few your imagination will see images too.
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  9. randall barrett

    randall barrett New Member

    OH its a simple process
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  10. paddyman98

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    Nope.. won't do
  11. Deathstar218

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    I see lots of stuff also, BUT im new, inexperienced and have also learned that the chance they are going to put just one random coin out with something like I might be seeing is next to impossible. I think I see a double A on this coin between the C and E! But how could that possibly be? Its my imagination and probably scratches or definitely some other logical explanation. I have a handful of coins i could try to explain what I think im seeing. Just my lonely opinion though. 20190106_190624.jpg
  12. Santinidollar

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    Try two scratches
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  13. Deathstar218

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  14. Conder101

    Conder101 Numismatist

    If you don't tell them what you see, do they see the same things that you do? I ask because if you show them something as ask "Do you see XXXXX here?" they are MUCH more likely to see the image you asked about even if it isn't there.
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  15. rickmp

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    Don't forget the Satanic messages when you play an LP backwards.
  16. Kentucky

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  17. rushcoin1

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    Randall Barrett -- My Chrome browser crashed today for the umpteenth time and I have been reassembling things in a different fashion using the cloud, so I came across your comments of several years ago. I too have been intrigued about the various hidden images on coins, especially cents, for some time now. Most of my study was on Memorial cents so I inquired of an expert attributor as to how to get these various identified "Hidden Image" coins listed so they can be slabbed by certification companies. I was told that there is no category within the industry where these can be included. My question to the community is more to how can we go about creating such an urgent category?? The grading companies certainly have the ability to certify originality and one would think they would welcome with open arms the additional business.

    I have pics of various images and am thinking about writing a comprehensive book about such things. In most cases it is not your imagination, but actual real images. I have identified at least 30 different animals (including humans and naked maidens/ladies done in good taste) and have captured several on pics. Some of these appear on all coins produced by a particular master hub or die, and some only on a particular die. I have one done on a particular die of what I believe is a Kodiak Bear inside the Memorial building. I cannot yet provide precise dates as I am in a difficult search to build a $50/bag set of a series of years that these images mostly appear in. I also limited my search to coins prior to when the mints discontinued the collector size 5,000 count cent bags. My goal is to then offer a partial or complete set of these to the first few thousand people who acquire my book, as well as perhaps some magnification techniques and/or equipment so as to enhance the viewers abilities. Naturally at the onset, it would be essential to include an explanation of the coin making process so that people can then understand the difference between images that are on the end product coin itself and not those that might be added to the coin intentionally or even by damage or scratches. This is a huge effort but is by no means exhaustive as collectors who will want to specialize in this field will likely locate numerous other things than what I have, so I may also include a reward incentive to those who can then provide additional images to those that I have included in the book, or even inquiries for opinions. I may later be able to provide a few pics here on this site, but my abilities at doing so are very limited since I am now in my 70's and never yet learned how to do much of this on computers.

    Also, I am a Vietnam Veteran and was exposed to Agent Orange (Rainbow) so I have numerous health issues from that as well as lingering TBI injuries to deal with on a daily basis. Still it seems important that I somehow pass this info on to people while there is still time to do so as around 400 Vietnam Vets are passing each day. I turned to hobbies in order to deflect deep depression so am also involved in prospecting/mining and as such have several mining claims that grab my attention several times per year.

    While at a national convention in 2006 in Denver, I briefly discussed hidden image coins and other things with the late JT Stanton of Cherry-Picker Guide fame, but he passed away before I had the chance to do further work on this with him. I also need to locate a means or device that will allow me to lightly shade the various images thus showing the raw pic as well as the shaded one so that people can more readily view precisely what is being shown. I could do this manually but there must be a program that would allow this to be done better and faster. Many of these images deplete or disappear upon circulation so it helps to have BU coins to initially work with. The means as to how these various images are transferred to coins is very perplexing since it appears that most but not all, were included on the original master hubs and some others by what I call a reflection process etc. It would have taken a rare genius to do all this and in such a brilliant fashion that hardly anyone would ever even notice them, and then to get the image to transfer from the master hub to the master die to the working dies with such precision is simply amazing. I hope that whoever it was did not get fired over this because this topic could well end up reviving an entire portion of the error/variety numismatics for years to come.

    Years ago when I had a storefront business, a few youngsters would occasionally come in and tell me that they were seeing such images but I always thought they were just trying to pull the wool over people's eyes. Surely such things were not allowed to happen or it was just a ruse of some sort. It wasn't until I began to really search these that I now see the light. I am sure there are also images on the older wheat cents but likely not to the same technological detail as Memorial cents. I have also seen possible images on other denominations such as nickels, dimes, quarters and halves, but have not seen the numerous images that seem to appear on cents. It requires viewing at angles as some images overlap others but can only be seen in full at a specific angle, which then makes magnification photography very difficult. If anyone can provide me a step by step process of transferring pics to this site, I may be able to blow all the minds of the naysayers, of which I too was for many decades. Initially I will only show pics of images that do not reveal the precise dates, but I assure you they are all genuine and I will only show a few at this time until l am able to put together a reference book.

    Any questions or comments fully welcomed -- Thx, Rog.
  18. paddyman98

    paddyman98 I'm a professional expert in specializing! Supporter

    Pareidolia is the answer to your comments.
    There won't ever be a category by any TPG for "images" on a coin.
  19. rushcoin1

    rushcoin1 Junior Member

    Been there, done that. According to renowned coin attributor and author John Wexler, there are no "categories" within the error/variety field within which to place such coins. Therefore if one sends these in to professional grading services, they can only provide a grade for the coin and not a certification of the error or variety. What is needed is a "Hidden Image" Category, along with a reference manual done by an accepted authority which the grading service can then review and match the item according to the applicable category and/or number. Although these services occasionally will seek opinions of such experts, up to now it has not been their job to do so. If you are a grader at one of these companies, and you grade literally thousands of coins, you do not have the time to invent the wheel but they will attribute these if there is a reference they can review.
  20. paddyman98

    paddyman98 I'm a professional expert in specializing! Supporter

    Don't waste your time
    There are NO hidden images. Also, you are quoting old members that are no longer on CoinTalk.
  21. rushcoin1

    rushcoin1 Junior Member

    Thank you for your quick comment, but you really should reserve comment until you see the actual pics I speak of. Eventually I will figure out a way to present them.
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