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Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by nicholasz219, May 10, 2020.

  1. nicholasz219

    nicholasz219 Well-Known Member

    Hey all. I was watching and lurking in the Morris auction tonight hoping to snag at least one coin of SSev or JD from the Morris collection. I was blown out of the water. There were a few sleepers I had had hope for but no luck. Any winners here?

    Also if anyone has a copy of today’s catalog, I could use one. I would be happy to pay but I don’t know if I want to pay HA for it.
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  3. Roman Collector

    Roman Collector Supporter! Supporter

    I put in competitive bids on four lots, but I got blown out of the water, too. No sleepers in that one!
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  4. nicholasz219

    nicholasz219 Well-Known Member

    Yeah the collection (at least the part I was interested in) was pretty good quality so I was afraid I wasn’t going to be close. And I wasn’t. Not as bad as some similar coins of Severus and JD on CNG currently, mostly dynastic, that immediately went past $600 but bad enough.
  5. happy_collector

    happy_collector Well-Known Member

    No win for Morris today also, unfortunately.
  6. Orfew

    Orfew Draco dormiens nunquam titillandus

    I bid on 4 and snagged 1 which I will post later.
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  7. nicholasz219

    nicholasz219 Well-Known Member

    @Orfew Good for you man. All of my bids were doubled early so it rapidly became a spectator sport since I didn’t have a few hundred budgeted per coin.
  8. Orfew

    Orfew Draco dormiens nunquam titillandus

    Thanks @nicholasz219 . Yeah the Morris Collection coins always attract a large number of dedicated bidders. I have a few in my collection now but in a couple of cases the bidding was fierce. I lost out on 3 tonight but only one of them was a coin I did not already have. Turns out I know where there is another one that is in much better condition and will probably cost less. The pedigree sells the coins in this case. This collector had a great eye for rarity and for interesting coin types.

    Sorry that you did not end up with any of your targets.
  9. Romancollector

    Romancollector Well-Known Member

    I won an As of Septimius Severus, which only went for $10 more than the prebid so I was happy! I’ve been outbid many times on heritage so this was a nice surprise. As a matter of principle, I don’t bother prebidding because it drives the price up.
  10. nicholasz219

    nicholasz219 Well-Known Member

    @Roman Collector Well, congratulations! That’s good to hear. Now if everyone will just stop collecting Septimius Severus and Julia Domna, that will also keep prices down...for me. :)
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  11. Steelers72

    Steelers72 Well-Known Member

    The auction saw a lot of bidding all around. Goes to show the strength of the hobby even during times of crisis. A lot of coins sold for a nice premium. There were some coins that should have sold for higher, particularly some Domitians that I would have bid on had I not won the coin I prioritized.

    A really nice Galba in Choice VF Fine Style sold for $1400..thought that was a surprise but it was a beautiful example;[​IMG][​IMG]

    I won two coins, may have overpaid as I was in a bidding battle for both but I really liked the eye appeal and portraits. Here are my two:

    1. Vespasian (AD 69-79). AR denarius (18mm, 5h). NGC XF, Fine Style. Rome, January-June (and later?) AD 70. IMP CAESAR VESPASIANVS AVG, laureate head of Vespasian right / COS ITER FORT RED, Fortuna standing facing head left, with right hand on prow left and cornucopia in left. RIC II.I 18.


    2. Domitian, as Caesar (AD 81-96). AR denarius (18mm, 3.45 gm, 5h). NGC AU5/5 - 4/5, Fine style. Rome, AD 80-81. CAESAR DIVI F DOMITIANVS COS VII, laureate head of Domitian right / PRINCEPS-IVVENTVTIS, Minerva advancing right, round shield on left arm, brandishing spear in right hand and shield in left. RIC II.1 (Titus) 268.

  12. nicholasz219

    nicholasz219 Well-Known Member

    @Steelers72 That reverse on the second is fantastic. Both coins are very appealing. I can see why you got in a bidding war.
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  13. Finn235

    Finn235 Well-Known Member

    I went for a few but got blown out of the water, as I figured I would.

    In particular, I was interested in the Plotina and lifetime Marciana - bidding went over what I can afford, but I feel like the Marciana went quite cheap.


    Many of the coins I feel sold for 2-3x what they ought to have.
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