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Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by Agilmore01, Jul 5, 2015.

  1. Agilmore01

    Agilmore01 Well-Known Member

    I won two coins tonight on Heritage. There is another coin on their Tuesday auction I am going all-in for. They have already sent me an invoice for tonight's winnings. Can I wait until after Tuesday's auction and maybe they will combine both invoices and combine shipping?
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  3. brg5658

    brg5658 Supporter! Supporter

    I don't think so. But, you could always give them a call tomorrow and ask I guess.

    The invoicing and shipping is always separate for different auctions in my experience. I have even won coins in separate auctions on the same day, and they get shipped and invoiced separately. This makes sense to me, as Heritage has a huge amount of throughput, and I wouldn't expect them to even necessarily have the same people shipping and packing up coins from two separate auctions. But, I guess it doesn't hurt to ask. Worst case scenario, you get told "no"...

    Congrats on your two coins.
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  4. rlm's cents

    rlm's cents Numismatist

    Yes they will - if you catch them right. However, you best call to make sure on the timing and DO NOT pay separately.
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  5. jj00

    jj00 Well-Known Member

    They've always combined for me for Sunday (session #1) & Tue (session#2) auctions. The invoice I received after a Sunday auction always says 'preliminary' on it though, if yours doesn't, I agree you should call. If it does say preliminary, you'll receive a 'final' invoice after the Tues auction.
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  6. swhuck

    swhuck Junior Member

    jj00 explains it well. The Sunday and Tuesday auctions are technically the same auction, so they're always combined automatically.

    If you ever need items from different auctions combined, just give us a call to set it up.
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  7. JPeace$

    JPeace$ Coinaholic

    Agree with @jj00.

    If your current invoice is from the Sunday auction and you want to win a coin in the Tues. auction, you can wait for the final invoice.

    I've won coins on Sunday, paid for them Monday first thing because I'm not interested in anything on Tuesday and I still get a "final" invoice after the Tuesday auction.
  8. Agilmore01

    Agilmore01 Well-Known Member

    Well, I went all in on the coin I wanted, but still got out bid. I guess someone really had a hankering for it more than me. There are more out there. There was one last week on Heritage also. Will keep watching.
  9. treylxapi47

    treylxapi47 Well-Known Member Dealer

    Don't feel bad. Someone got a super deal on a coin I wasn't paying attention to at the end. Picked up a beautiful seated quarter in PCGS AU-58 for $226 + BP. Still kicking myself. Probably a $350-$400 coin. Gaahhhhhh
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