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    The Japanese Chogin was a coin that Circulated during the Shogunate. The Chogin was used primarily for commerce but had no specific value. the value of the coin was based on the silver content. This Chogin from the Tempo Era (Krause C#9b) measures 86 mm x 31 mm and weighs141.3 gms. the silver content is .261 making a total of 36.88 gms of silver. The Tempo Bu, the standard measure of currency at the time has approximately 8.64 gms. of silver making this bar worth 4.27 Bu.

    Richard IMG_0264.JPG IMG_0263.JPG
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    I believe they are fairly rare. I don't know how many may still exist. I do think the one you posted from ebay is overpriced.
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    That’s a nice elongated coin! :D
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    Honest question... does Shogunate translate into Caliphate in other cultures?
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    Probably not? A Caliph is usually a religious figure. Though the Emperor has a
    religious component to his duties as center of the Shinto religion and purported
    descendant of the Sun Goddess, Amaterasu, the Shogun was a secular position.
    Nominally the Shoguns served under the emperor as a sort of chief warlord but
    in actuality they held all the power.
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    Thanks very much for the explanation.
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