here is a guide to cherry pickers lincoln keys and varieties

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    Most dates and mints for Lincoln Cents are known for doubled dies and date 1989 and back are known with repunched mint marks referred to as RPMs.

    1909 S Key Date Counterfeit or Real?
    1909 VDB DDO Doubled Die Obverse
    1909 S Lincoln Cent Semi Key Date
    1909-S S Over Horizontal S
    1909 S/S Lincoln Cent RPM (Not Horizontal)
    1910 S/S Repunched Mint Mark (RPM)
    1910 With V.D.B. or 09' Reverse (Unknown?)
    1911-S Repunched Mint Mark (RPM)
    1911-D Repunched Mint Mark (RPM)
    1914 D Counterfeit or Real?
    1914 S Lincoln Cent Value Semi-Key Date
    1917 Doubled Die Cent
    1922 No D Lincoln Cent
    1922 Weak D Lincoln Cent Penny
    1925-S Repunched Mint Mark (RPM)
    1927 Doubled Die Obverse
    1927-D Doubled Die Obverse
    1928-S Large Mint Mark
    1929-S Repunched Mint Mark (RPM)
    1930-D Repunched Mint Mark (RPM)
    1930-S Repunched Mint Mark (RPM)
    1931 S Lincoln Cent Value Semi-Key Date
    1934 Doubled Die Oberse
    1934-D Doubled Die Obverse - RPM
    1935 Doubled Doe Obverse
    1936 Doubled Die Obverse
    1938-D Repunched Mint Mark (RPM)
    1938-S Repunched Mint Mark (RPM)
    1939 Doubled Die Obverse
    1941 Doubled Die Obverse
    1942 Doubled Die Obverse
    1942-D Repunched Mint Mark (RPM)
    1942-S Repunched Mint Mark (RPM)
    1943 Copper Lincoln Cent
    1943 Repunched Mint Mark (RPM)
    1943-D Repunched Mint Mark (RPM)
    1943-S Doubled Die Obverse
    1944 Steel Lincoln Cent
    1944-D Repunched Mint Mark (RPM)
    1945 Doubled Die Obverse
    1944 D/S Variety 1
    1944 D/S Variety 2
    1946 S/D
    1946-S Inverted Mint Mark
    1946-S Repunched Mint Mark (RPM)
    1947 Doubled Die Obverse
    1947-S Repunched Mint Mark (RPM)
    1949-D Repunched Mint Mark (RPM)
    1949-S Doubled Die Obverse
    1950-S Repunched Mint Mark (RPM)
    1951 Proof Doubled Die Obverse
    1951-D Doubled Die Obverse
    1955 Doubled die
    1936 Doubled die obverse, the date, LIBERTY and IN GOD WE TRUST has some doubling.
    1941 Doubled die reverse: Doubling of the date and LIBERTY.
    1943-D The D is stamped over another D (RPM).
    1943-P Copper Planchet
    1943 S Copper Planchet 3.11 grams Cent
    1944 D Struck On Steel Planchet
    1944 S Struck On Steel Planchet Cent
    1944-D D over S the mint mark D is Punched over the S.
    1946-S S Mint mark Punched over a D mint mark.
    1955-D Stamped over a horizontal D.
    1955-P No VDB.
    1955-P Lincoln Wheat Cent Double Die cent.
    1956-D D Stamped over a D mint mark.
    1958 Doubled Die Cent
    1959-D First year for Memorial reverse, check for wheat reverse.
    1960-D D over D RPM
    1960-P Look for Small Date variety, the 6 has a shorter stem than normal.
    1960 D/D Small Over Large Date Doubled Die
    1960 Doubled Die Obverse
    1963-D Check to see if the 3 in the date is struck over another 3.
    1968-D D mint mark stamped over another D.
    1968-D Doubled die reverse, strong doubling in the word AMERICA.
    1969-S Lincoln Memorial double die, all design features strongly doubled.
    1970-S Small date Lincoln Cent with a doubled die reverse, strong doubling of TRUST & LIBERTY.
    1970 S Small Date
    1971-P Doubled die obverse, strong doubling on LIBERTY & IN GOD WE TRUST.
    1972-P Lincoln Memorial Cent with a doubled date.
    1973-P No V.D.B.
    1980-D A shadow of an S mint mark struck above the D.
    1982-P Doubling of IN GOD WE TRUST.
    1982 DDR
    1982 D Small Date Cent Copper Planchet 3.11 grams
    1983-P Doubled die reverse doubled, IN GOD WE TRUST doubled.
    1983 Copper Planchet 3.11 grams
    1984-P Doubled ear, look at the ear lobe.
    1984-D Doubled Date
    1988 Double Ear
    1988 Reverse of 1989
    1989-P No VDB.
    1992 Close AM
    1992-D Close AM
    1994-P Doubling of the last three columns on reverse.
    1995-P Doubled die, LIBERTY doubled.
    1995-D Doubled die obverse, strong doubling of the date and LIBERTY.
    1996 Wide AM *Unconfirmed
    1997-P Doubled Die, look at the ear lobe like the 1984.
    1998-P Wide AM reverse Lincoln Memorial Cent.
    1999-P Wide AM reverse Lincoln Memorial Cent.
    1999-P There may be double dies varieties.
    2000-P Wide AM in America
    2001 D P Doubled Die Obverse
    2001 D P Doubled Die Reverse
    2003-P May be doubling of the steps, experts say “yes”, mint says “no”
    2004 Doubled Die Obverse
    2006-P Doubled Die Obverse
    2009 Look for doubling of the thumb, boot and other features (several known varieties)
    2009-S Proof Doubled Die Reverse
    2011 Doubling of letters and shield
    2014 Doubled Die Obverse
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    Thanks for sharing this information
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    How much is a 1925 s- RPM wheat penny worth?
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    Now that's an incredible list. What a great job. Extremely detailed. Thank you
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    Thanks I’m gonna hold onto this
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    How do D over S mint marks happen?
    Does San Fran send their coins to Denver to re mint them?
    Or, does someone get sloshed down in shipping?
    Given how many there are, they party a lot!
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    Several ways actually. One is that the die maker uses the wrong letter punch to strike the die face, notices his error, grabs the correct punch and restrikes the new MM over the old one. It is done on the die that strikes the coins. The error is then transferred to the Planchet during the coin striking process.
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    Very nice post!
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