Henry viii half groat

Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by Pete.pete, Mar 4, 2024.

  1. Pete.pete

    Pete.pete Member

    Found metal detecting today in Cumbria UK. beautiful king henry viii silver hammered half groat minted in Canterbury. This was henry viii first coinage.

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  3. Mat

    Mat Ancient Coincoholic

    Great find!
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  4. Pete.pete

    Pete.pete Member

  5. Cherd

    Cherd Junior Member Supporter

    I wish that I lived in a place where such cool things could be found while metal detecting :(.

    I'm happy for you ;)
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  6. Coins4Eli

    Coins4Eli Collector of Early American Copper

    Me too, all I find here in the US is bottle caps and pull tabs.
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  7. Tall Paul

    Tall Paul Supporter! Supporter

    That is really cool. Congratulations. I bet your heart was racing as you rubbed the dirt off of it.
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  8. The Meat man

    The Meat man Well-Known Member

    Great find!
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  9. Pete.pete

    Pete.pete Member

    I didn't do it until I got home this is the second one off this field had 23 hammereds 6 silver milled 22 different monarch from this feild was probably a market site .
  10. Nap

    Nap Well-Known Member

    Well done, many detectorists unintentionally damage coins by trying to clean them in the field. Always better to do it slowly and carefully at home. I get the excitement though.
  11. Pete.pete

    Pete.pete Member

    Yes I only used water but has a beautiful patina

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  12. Pete.pete

    Pete.pete Member

    We are lucky here in UK I found two hoards to 1500bc axeheads and 23 medieval coin hoard a gold stater from 1st century and a 400bc votive axe pendant only one ever found of its type.
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  13. Pete.pete

    Pete.pete Member

    I didn't clean it until I got home
  14. Mat

    Mat Ancient Coincoholic

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