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    Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

    went through some of my ‘39 nickels today and have a question about these 2. I read up on the Hennings nickels and the description said no mintmark and a low spot on the R in Pluribus, but that there may not be a damaged R.

    The pictures I saw showed the R with a gap but there appears to be an indention on these 2 in the same spots where the gaps were on the pictures. Not sure how you define low spot but maybe these qualify. 0A0C7216-8F31-42B9-B45E-D1560645F45D.jpeg F1B56690-3906-4F22-8AAE-21B907F709FA.jpeg 0A0C7216-8F31-42B9-B45E-D1560645F45D.jpeg F1B56690-3906-4F22-8AAE-21B907F709FA.jpeg 6ED90E32-A26D-42DB-87AE-C410F2296999.jpeg 630951D2-DF9F-456E-B63D-74F1C465E96F.jpeg 0A491150-A29D-4380-88E3-F074F47C9FA0.jpeg 07B3FFA9-6F92-4F68-ADBE-B937EB51D976.jpeg 9C4C9E13-29CD-49BD-B286-0A44D288C350.jpeg 1A63381A-8A35-4713-8F2C-D14BD63C87F8.jpeg
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    Looks like a regular circulated 1939.
    The Hennings are usually super mushy.
    The looped R is a big marker, even though some don't have looped R's.
    If I recall from another thread, there is a marker in the non looped R's,
    which is a small mark, left of the dome. Yours doesn't have it.
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