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    Hello everyone,i would like your help if you could help me identify the age of this coin.It belongs to my family for ages so i would appreciate if you can help,i have a photo of one side of the coin because from the other i cant see nothing. IMG_20190731_222326_BURST2.jpg
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  3. Roman Collector

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    It is from the Byzantine empire, somewhere around AD 600. One of our Byzantine experts might be able to narrow it down to the specific people depicted on the coin but I'm unable to do so in the absence of any visible inscriptions.

    It would be helpful if you were to provide its weight in grams and diameter in millimeters.
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  4. kevin McGonigal

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    Because of its scyphate (cup shaped) flan (shallow depression) I think it is more likely a later date, perhaps 11th Century. If there are three images on that coin it might be easier to pin it down to a particular reign.
  5. dltsrq

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    The scyphate coins began with gold in the 11th century but crude bronzes are more 13th century. I would look first at the Latin emperors (1204-1261).
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