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Discussion in 'Paper Money' started by Seba79, Oct 27, 2020.

  1. Seba79

    Seba79 Well-Known Member

    Hello everyone, I would be grateful if you could help me to get images (in good quality) of German banknotes of 1872 and 1874. I am referring to banknotes from the Bank of Bremen, the Bank of Frankfurt, the Prussian Bank or the Bank of Saxony.
    It is for a project I am writing and I am a bit stuck as I am missing some images.

    Thank you very much to all of you. :)
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  3. SensibleSal66

    SensibleSal66 Well-Known Member

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  4. Seba79

    Seba79 Well-Known Member

    Thank you! I'll take a look at it and we'll know if it's a good option.
  5. SensibleSal66

    SensibleSal66 Well-Known Member

    OK, Just happy to help .
  6. SteveInTampa

    SteveInTampa Always Learning

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  7. SensibleSal66

    SensibleSal66 Well-Known Member

    There ya go Seba .
  8. Seba79

    Seba79 Well-Known Member

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