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Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by Clonecommanderavgvsvs, Feb 26, 2021.

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    An eBay seller had a bunch of these listed for a very low price so I decided to pick one up. I doubt these are faked but how does it look to you all? I believe it’s Mansur I.

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    Yes, genuine. The ruler is Nuh III bin Mansur, 976-997. His name نوح بن منصور is the last line at reverse center (1st photo). The mint bi-Bukhara ببخارا and the date 377 (written out in words) are in the obverse margin (2nd photo).
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    I rather like these unassuming but solid, well-made copper coins, 9th and 10th century widow's mites from another area of the world. Many have been preserved, there are few specialized collectors, therefore they aren't expensive and forgers devote themselves to other types. Luckily.

    6104 Samarkand 280 ct.jpg

    Samanid fals, Ismail b. Ahmad (892-907), Samarqand 280 AH = 893-894 AD. 25 mm, 4.51 gr. Album 1444. Excellent condition without the usual adjustment marks.

    6110 SA wo.jpg

    A coin of the godfather dynasty of the Samanids, the Tahirid line. Tahir b. 'Abd Allah, Shash (Tashkent), 241 AH = 855/5 AD. 26 mm, 3.97 gr. Album B1395.

    5992 blw ct.jpg

    With its curious red, white and blue patina, I like this coin a lot, too. Samanid AE fals, Ahmad b. Asad (204-250), with Nasr I b. Ahmad, Samarqand 244 AH (= 858/9 AD). 20.5 mm, 2.75 gr. Album 1440.

    These coins are all simple and harmonious, engraved by masters and struck in a regular way by craftsmen.

    About 950-960 AD one finds some brilliant designs in these copper coins, worldwide unsurpassed in the 10th century, in my opinion.

    6134 SA Bukhara 358 wo.jpg

    Samanid AE fals, Mansur b. Nuh, Bukhara 358 AH. Rare and decorative type of fine style. 28 mm. 2.40 gr. Album 1467.3.

    6173 Samanid sharpened.jpg

    AE fals Samanids. Abd al-Malik I b. Nuh. Mint Quba 349 AH = 960 AD. Obv. Three concentric circles: in the outer mint and date, in the second the Kalima, in the centre, a cruciform monogram formed from 4 x the name Muhammad, the centre ringlet being the first M! 26.5 mm, 3.16 gr. Album 1463.
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