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Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by TerDev, May 17, 2024.

  1. TerDev

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    I have received this coin that has been cleaned on the reverse (the obverse is still encrusted and not visible and I'm not touching it!), and I can't seem to ID it. As far I can tell it is a Constantius I, minted in Alexandria, but all the equivalents online have very small differences. For example, the VN and MR are much higher on this coin, shoulder height instead of hip level; the figure's robe is swept in a different direction; and the figure's feet are not visible, which they are on other coins from the era and mint. Any help would be much appreciated.
    Thanks in advance from a very new coin collector,
    J 20240517_161119.jpg 20240517_160939.jpg
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  3. Kiaora

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    It’s a coin of deified Constantine I issued after his death. The mint is Alexandria. The differences are not unusual, the dies were all hand-engraved and have plenty of variation, especially in large issues like this one
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  4. philologus_1

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  5. TerDev

    TerDev New Member

    Ahhh, right, I wouldn't have made the (very obvious in hindsight..) leap that they would be bespoke-ish per mint. That makes a ton of sense, thank you!
  6. TerDev

    TerDev New Member

    Unfortunately the obverse is under a substantial amount of sediment, but even from a quick glance that page looks to be super helpful, thank you
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  7. TerDev

    TerDev New Member

    Apologies, it seems quoting people in replies doesn't want to work for me.
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