Help: Numidian coin found in Suffolk hoard

Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by Bart9349, May 19, 2022.

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    6C9698F3-4302-4E69-921E-264DAA3F4B0F.jpeg I’m having a hard time identifying the Numidian coin in a recent Suffolk, UK hoard:

    Is this it or is this a Roman Republic coin?

    An unusual find, indeed:

    Metal detectorist George Ridgway, 30, found the 725 Iron Age and Roman pieces after studying satellite imagery near his Suffolk home.”

    “His massive haul includes a rare denarius, issued by King Juba I in the ancient African kingdom of Numidia between 60 and 46BC; Iron Age gold coins known as staters, from the reign of Celtic king Cunobelin, who ruled in Colchester from 10AD to 40AD; and a gold Claudius I-era aureus, dated between 41 and 42AD.”

    I found this article interesting for me (a non-numismatist) about Numidian coins.
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    it is likely a denarius of Quintus Pomponius Musa (Rome, 66 BC), Crawford 410/8.
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