Help identifying these two coins

Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by johnjohnson1957, Feb 12, 2019.

  1. johnjohnson1957

    johnjohnson1957 New Member

    Can you tell me what these two coins are? The first one is what I call the cat coin and the second is the Arabic coin. Thanks CAT COIN.jpg ABRABIC COIN.jpg
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  3. TIF

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    What is the size and weight of the "cat coin"? The cat is a goat and the person is Hermes. The place of issue for authentic coins with this iconography is Ainos (also spelled Aenus) in Thrace. However, I don't think coins with this iconography were issued in bronze. Here are some examples of tetradrachms (silver) in CNG's archives.

    As for the second coin, maybe someone else can help. I can't read Arabic.
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  4. johnjohnson1957

    johnjohnson1957 New Member

    Cat (after much closer examination, yes it is a goat) coin weights between 8 and 9 grams. Scale bounces back and forth between 8 and 9. its dimensions are 29X27 and does appear to be bronze. It may be fake because at least two others coins were fake
  5. THCoins

    THCoins Well-Known Member

    The second coin is a bronze Jital issued by the Saffarids of Sistan (also known as Maliks of Nimruz), under the rule of Taj al-din Harb bin Muhammad (1167-1215AD).
    The left photo is upside down, the right photo displays the name of the ruler
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  6. johnjohnson1957

    johnjohnson1957 New Member

    Thank you THCoins. You guys are amazing
  7. gsimonel

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    From a quick glance, I think the first coin might be a tourist replica, but I'm not an expert. It has the look of something relatively new that was made to appear much older.
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