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Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by expat, Aug 13, 2022.

  1. expat

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    Just for sharing. I don't have another coin with such a high obverse relief. I know some Greek issues have them. Share your exceptional high relief coins
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    Nice coin! The high relief design, while esthetically appealing, did have its drawbacks once the coins circulated for a while.

    Here's a classical Athenian owl, Starr Group V, in high relief. It is in excellent condition because it hardly circulated much. Had this coin circulated no doubt there would be wear on both side, along possibly with test cuts, countermarks and corrosion, things that people would have little regard for back in those times, but can make a world of difference to a collector today.

    17.4 grams

    D-Camera Athens tetradrachm 465-460 BC, gradient, Starr  V.A, Roma 72, 17.14 dear one g 12-13-20.jpg
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  4. Bing

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  5. Curtis

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    Aegina Land Tortoise AR Stater (Testudo Graeca Ibera)

    Greek (Classical). Islands off Attica (Saronic Gulf), Aegina AR Stater (11.97, 20mm), struck c. 456-431 BCE.
    Obv: Land tortoise (prob. testudo graeca ibera), segmented shell of 13 plates. Rev: Large incuse square with five-compartment skew pattern with wide border.
    Ref: Meadows Group IIIb; Millbank Period V (404-375 BC), pl. II, 10 (same obv. die); SNG Cop 516; Sear 2600. See also HGC 6, 437.
    Prov: Ex- Gitbud & Naumann Pecunem 20 (3 Aug 2014), Lot 186.

    There's also this one:
    Alexander Babylon triptych.jpg
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  6. expat

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    Great examples
  7. rrdenarius

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    Lots of cast bronze coins have high relief. They are really too thick for my coin cases.
    DSCN3995.JPG DSCN3996.JPG
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