Have you written to your congressman about the 2021 Peace Dollar anniversary?

Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by Walter1969, Jun 6, 2018.

  1. Walter1969

    Walter1969 New Member

    Have any of you guys written to your congressman about getting a special edition 2021 silver Peace dollar made for the 100th anniversary? Have any of you guys written to your congressman about getting other coins made or changed?
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  3. tommyc03

    tommyc03 Senior Member

    I would write but I won't. Because the Mint would likely make various types of these at an inflated purchase price. B.U., Burnished, Proof, Reverse Proof, etc. Plus, everyone who has a complete set or not would also likely have to buy an additional page to add to their albums.
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  4. Santinidollar

    Santinidollar Supporter! Supporter

    I don’t want to appear rude but how many threads does this OP intend to post in one day?
  5. dcarr

    dcarr Mint-Master

    I tried several times to get any Congress person, the US Mint, and NASA to look into doing a CIRCULATING Apollo Astronaut small dollar for 2019 (50th anniversary of the Moon landing). I wrote to about 12 people in total. I even sent minted samples that I made. But I never got any response from them except for one letter back from a person at NASA (but that never led anywhere).

    Regarding the potential for 2021 silver dollars (which will be the 100th anniversary of the last Morgan Dollars and the first Peace Dollars) if I were in charge of the US Mint, here is what I would do for 2021:

    Produce a set of four silver dollars which would include:
    A "2021" Peace Dollar
    A "2021" Morgan Dollar
    A "1964-D" Peace Dollar
    A "1964" Morgan Dollar

    The last two above would be produced from the ORIGINAL circa-1964 tooling (master hubs) for both coins which were discovered in the Philadelphia Mint archives a couple years ago.
  6. stoster38

    stoster38 Member Supporter

    No. I would not ask for this. Ask much as I love the design we need to stop reissuing coins with classic designs. Our government needs to allow artists the freedom to create modern classics. Stop requiring so many elements on a coin that leave very little room for any design let alone a great one!!
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  7. willieboyd2

    willieboyd2 First Class Poster

  8. Jeepfreak81

    Jeepfreak81 Active Member

    He's just excited to be a member of such an awesome forum. :smug::D
  9. Santinidollar

    Santinidollar Supporter! Supporter

    Three posts and you’re an expert on the site, I see.
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  10. green18

    green18 Sweet on Commemorative Coins Supporter

    An exercise in futility......least ways,
    'round these parts. Good news is we can vote the schmucker out in November.......
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  11. RustyFlathead

    RustyFlathead Member

    I'd buy that for a dollar.
  12. RustyFlathead

    RustyFlathead Member

    Have you ever thought about making a small golden peace dollar?
  13. Dave Waterstraat

    Dave Waterstraat dave700x -1883 O nut

    I would bet the only way for this to happen is if you did it your self and I am a buyer...:)
  14. Santinidollar

    Santinidollar Supporter! Supporter

    If you want it done right, you have to do it yourself.:wacky:
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  15. Cheech9712

    Cheech9712 Every thing is a guess

  16. TheFinn

    TheFinn Well-Known Member

    We don't need to commemorate coins - this isn't Fiji or the Caicos Islands. Remember the fiasco with the 1964 3/4 oz. gold Kennedy bullion pieces? Or the 2016 gold bullion that had "24kt" stamped on it?
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  17. tommyc03

    tommyc03 Senior Member

    Or Liberia where most of their income is derived from issuing stamps and coins based on events in every country but their own.
  18. Conder101

    Conder101 Numismatist

    I might see a 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War, but I see no reason to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the first Peace dollar. And there would be no need for a 100th anniversary of the end of the war to be a duplicate of the Peace dollar.
  19. dwhiz

    dwhiz Collector Supporter

    No, I'm not sure my congressperson can read.
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  20. dcarr

    dcarr Mint-Master

    I think the design would lose a lot when reduced to that size. So probably not.
    If I make another small "golden" concept dollar, it will probably be a new (original) design of some sort.
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