Have you been getting CoinTalk.com emails?

Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by Peter T Davis, Mar 31, 2015.

  1. Billlockhart

    Billlockhart New Member

    As far as I know, all's swell. I don't get many emails from Cointalk, but I got this one!
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  3. Jeff LeMay

    Jeff LeMay New Member

    Yes, every now and then I get them! I have not been getting them regular though?
  4. midas1

    midas1 Exalted Member

    Last CT email received was 5/10/14.
  5. Doug1974

    Doug1974 Active Member

    NO I am NOT getting any email's for the last two weeks or so ???:(
  6. halford@thework

    halford@thework Junior Member

    Not receiving emails - please send
  7. Joe2007

    Joe2007 Well-Known Member

    Received your email on March 31.
  8. mgk920

    mgk920 Nonhyphenated-American

    No problems here.

  9. rlm's cents

    rlm's cents Numismatist

    I have signed up for nothing on the email list and I did not get this email.
  10. BigTee44

    BigTee44 Well-Known Member

    Got 2 emails from CT the other day.
  11. All is good.
  12. kaparthy

    kaparthy Well-Known Member

    Just checking in. I do not keep track of them. I am not now as active here as in the past, and lately not as active in the hobby, generally. I serve as secretary of our local coin club. Tonight, I will be one of the show-and-tell presenters. My item is the bank draft illustrated in this month's Numismatist article on collecting them. I got it free last November as a door prize at our club meeting.

    Best wishes to all!
    Mike M.
  13. mark_h

    mark_h Somewhere over the rainbow

    I get them also.
  14. greott71

    greott71 New Member

    I get your emails.
  15. Yes, I get CT emails. TC
  16. SA4H

    SA4H New Member

    I got your message. Thanks.
  17. dallas101

    dallas101 New Collector

  18. Ed23

    Ed23 Active Member

    I'm receiving chatter
  19. Tater

    Tater Coin Collector

    I got my email.
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