Has anyone dealt with SEGS or PCI lately?

Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by Steve Bostwick, Jun 19, 2021.

  1. I know they have been combined for years. The website is gone. The reason that I am asking is because a number of Nickel addicts would like to have SEGS encapsulate nickels from a run of Landis Nickels so they would match the original Nickels encapsulated by SEGS back 2002. Would it be prudent (safe!) to send the company the Nickels for grading?
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  3. cpm9ball

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    PCI was bought by DLRC a long time ago and no longer exists. I don't know about SEGS.

    Why don't you as @Insider from ICG if they will encapsulate them.
  4. Evan Saltis

    Evan Saltis College Dorm Collector Supporter

    ANACS will take them.
  5. Yes, ANACS made the commitment weeks before the Nickels were issued. The idea was to get the SEGS holders to match the original holders in 2002. I'm just wonder if SEGS is still alive.
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  6. baseball21

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    I wouldn't send anything to any company you have to wonder if they're still around. If anything I would just reholder the earlier ones
  7. baseball21

    baseball21 Well-Known Member

  8. Thanks for info. PCI/SEGS were combined years ago and are still headquartered in Chattanooga. They may not advertise that, but they use the same PO Box and address. I just don't know if anybody has actually used them in recent past. As Evan Saltis said, ANACS has offered to encapsulate them. We are just trying to get SEGS holders to match the original slabs.
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  9. I've thought about doing the same and have ANACS do mine that way. The problem is that I have two sets of 3 of the new issues and two sets of 2 of the 2002 issue. Some of the previous holders were signed, although mine aren't. It's the nostalgia factor that drives this ill advised quest. Since nobody has raised their hand and said they have dealt with SEGS, it looks more and more like your idea may be the way to go. Unless somebody has positive things to say about SEGS, I'll probably go with ANACS with the newer issues for now and consider sending in the old Nickels later.
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  10. baseball21

    baseball21 Well-Known Member

    Regardless of what you do with the older ones (especially since yours werent signed) I would send the newer ones to ANACS where you can be confident in the submission. I'm not sure how many are in a set but if you have enough coins you might be able to get a deal for having them all done if you call them up and talk to them about it first
  11. OldSilverDollar

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    If you have an inexpensive ANA membership you can send your coins to NGC economy and get a great looking holder.
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  12. Conder101

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    As far as I know PCI and SEGS were never merged. PCI has had a multitude of owners while SEGS was owned by Larry Briggs of Lima OH (possibly as a partnership), I do know that Larry recently sold his interest in SEGS. I do not know the new owner.
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  13. MIGuy

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    I asked ICG if they would encapsulate Felix Schlag Jefferson nickel medals, the response was, "We can certify them. Our graders just request that you send in any paperwork or certifications that accompany the set with the submission." but I understand you want them to match, whereas I don't have the prior sets so no matching issue. (now I kind of wish I had the earlier ones too!). I found out about those here on Cointalk and I was rather pleased I was able to jump on them before they sold out. I wonder how many of the 50 sets went to Cointalk members. ICG also typically offers a discount to Cointalk members - they do domestic coins for $10 each and foreign for $15. I'm on a budget, so I take advantage of that, though if I was worried about resale rather than just a fair grade and encapsulation, I'd probably see if NGC would do them.
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  14. coinquest1961

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    I also have never heard that SEGS and PCI merged. I don't believe they ever did.
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  15. Treashunt

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  16. Treashunt

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  17. Insider

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    PCI and SEGS never merged. Larry trie to buy PCI. When the deal fell through he started his own TPGS: SEGS

    The "new" SEGS is an unknown. Did they keep the same graders? Who owns it?
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  18. Mountain Man

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