Harry W. Bass Jr. Collection

Discussion in 'US Coins Forum' started by NSP, Nov 12, 2017.

  1. NSP

    NSP Well-Known Member

    The ANA recently posted this video of the Harry W. Bass Jr. gold coin collection. It also has a couple minutes devoted to his patterns at the end. I recommend checking it out.

    Back in the summer my family went to Colorado, and got to visit the ANA Money Museum. Unfortunately I was unable to go to Colorado with them because I had to take classes for college, so I was very happy when I came across this. Hopefully I’ll be able to visit it in person someday! At least they took good pictures for me. :D
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  3. BlackBeard_Thatch

    BlackBeard_Thatch Captain of the Queen Anne's Revenge

    I watched the video when it came out, they did a good job but I wish they showed a lot more coins in the video then they did.
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  4. baseball21

    baseball21 Well-Known Member

    It is a little weird they focused the camera on the speaker for the majority of it.
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  5. Evan8

    Evan8 A Little Off Center

    I went there for the first time a few years ago since im only a couple hours north of Colorado Springs. Quite the amazing collection.
  6. ValpoBeginner

    ValpoBeginner Well Known Supporter

    Great video and Harry W. Bass, Jr. was one of my favorite Gold Type Coin Collectors. Not only did he have all Gold coin Types,(except one, the 1822 Half Eagle...the only one in existence was acquired by the Pogue family), but even more fascinating is that he had all varieties and die states.


    I don't know how he acquired it but he also had a non cancelled die of major significance on display in this video.

    Highlights- Coins that exist only in this collection-
    1824/1 Quar. Eagle Gem Proof (Unique)
    1870-S $3 Gold Piece
    1854-D(Georgia not Colorado)Proof, Only 1 known to exist
    1804 $10 Gold Pc. (plain 4 variety)
    1797 Sm. Eagle Var. $5.00 Gold pc. - 1 exists
    The Ultra High Relief Saint Gaudens, (Worth a look at his for the extreme aesthetic quality and condition of his).

    He also had the Earliest Proof coin, a very rare and coveted 1820 Half Eagle Proof!

    All of these Gold Coins are in High Mint Condition!

    He also has on display a great number of Pattern Coins from 1/2 Cents to the Schoolgirl Dollar.

    I love that people like Mr. Bass and his heirs allowed the ANA Museum to acquire his collection so that we all might view some things, that are so rare we will probably never see them anywhere else, except in pictures, which we all know are not even close to seeing the pieces in person.
  7. Conder101

    Conder101 Numismatist

    Actually the collection was left to the Harry Bass Foundation and they were to make it available to researchers. The foundation sold off his library, a large portion of his coillection, including a large portion of the gold collection, and then loaned the rest to the ANA on an indefinite loan. That way the foundation "made it available to researchers" but doesn't have to bother with storage or insurance, and the ANA had to create a whole display area in the museum for it at their expense. I see it as a way for the foundation trustees to keep their salaries coming while someone else does all the work and has all the expense.
  8. mac266

    mac266 Well-Known Member

    I'm fortunate to live within driving distance of the ANA. They know me on a first name basis at the library! I haven't been over there to see the WW1 medal collection currently on display yet.
  9. ValpoBeginner

    ValpoBeginner Well Known Supporter


    I guess I was just being an optimist again.
    Whenever I get time away from work, it seems to happen to me.

    I also regularly donate to the ANA, so in a way I helped pay for that storage facility. I only hope the terms of the loan include some terminology such as "... for so long as the items loaned are properly stored by the ANA in its current organizational state..." In other words, A loan can exist as long as the ANA remains solvent, without the family retaking possession of their owned items. Id hate to see it unappreciated.


    As for their sale of most of his other coins, I hope they all are in good hands, and can be seen by us plebs from time to time.
  10. Zonker

    Zonker Active Member

    If you own one - please show it.
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