Harry & Meghan Commemorative

Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by princeofwaldo, Jul 23, 2021.

  1. princeofwaldo

    princeofwaldo Grateful To Be eX-I/T!

    Do you suppose the British Royal Mint will strike commemoratives to celebrate the divorce of Harry & Meghan when the day finally arrives?

    Any suggestions for a design??
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  3. Rushmore

    Rushmore Coin Addict

    They didn't for Charles and Diana and Andrew and Fergie
  4. JayAg47

    JayAg47 Well-Known Member

    At least the Australian mint did for Charles-Diana, and William-Kate, but not for Harry-Meghan. I guess you'd have to be in the direct line of succession.

    Edit: LOL I didn't read part if they got divorced!!
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  5. Penny Luster

    Penny Luster Supporter! Supporter

    Chuck and Di 20200924_183752_kindlephoto-178869494.jpg
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  6. princeofwaldo

    princeofwaldo Grateful To Be eX-I/T!

    Yes, ---we're talking about a commemorative to celebrate their divorce. I was thinking the prince and princess both standing, facing each other, and flipping each other the bird, with Oprah facing forward in the middle of the coin between them, her arms outstretched to keep them apart.
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  7. MIGuy

    MIGuy Supporter! Supporter

    I picked these up for scrap value, Royal Mint silver and gold medals, likely because of Prince Andrew's... issues. I like them! I also think Fergie is cute. NGC liked them too. The display box was included! IMG_4220.JPG IMG_4221.JPG IMG_4222.JPG
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  8. johnmilton

    johnmilton Well-Known Member

    Since modern mints will make anything for a buck or a pound, I suppose the royal mint will issue one, but I won’t buy it.
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  9. Rushmore

    Rushmore Coin Addict

    Also Anne and her ex husband what-ever-his-name-is
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  10. MIGuy

    MIGuy Supporter! Supporter

    Mel Brooks? I mean, "Sir Mel Brooks" - sorry!
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  11. princeofwaldo

    princeofwaldo Grateful To Be eX-I/T!

    I do believe you meant "was cute" and not "is cute". She really let herself go pretty quick, it's no wonder Prince Andrew was looking for love in all the wrong places. Within a year or two of their marriage, Fergie looked like she belonged in a marriage to this guy instead:

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  12. Derek2200

    Derek2200 Well-Known Member

    I retail a lot of the Charles & Diana at shows. Get about 10-$20 for them.
  13. princeofwaldo

    princeofwaldo Grateful To Be eX-I/T!

    True. But neither couple was as universally despised as Harry and Meghan. Especially for Charles and Diana, I think most people were kind of sad to see it end the way it did.
  14. princeofwaldo

    princeofwaldo Grateful To Be eX-I/T!

    Yeah, some of costs less than it did in 1981 and is actually kind of interesting material. I once had one of the cupronickel crowns struck for Charles & Diana's wedding that was embedded in a first-day-of-issue postal cover and housed in a nice stiff blue plastic folder. Got it for $4 at a coin club auction twenty years ago, and used it to store my very limited world banknote collection inside the folder. Only had about 35 notes, held them nicely.

    Would you look at that, still only $4 all these years later. Mine was just like this one:

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  15. charley

    charley Well-Known Member

    That Church of England Defender of the Faith thing sure has had a workout in recent history.

    Oh well........
  16. princeofwaldo

    princeofwaldo Grateful To Be eX-I/T!

    Interesting observation. Perhaps what needs to happen is for the Pope to INcommunicate Harry & Meghan so that he can then EXcommunicate them. Kind of like Henry VIII when he was first granted the "Defender of The Faith" title by Rome then excommunicated over marital issues not long after that. Knowing what we do about Harry and Meghan, they might convert to Catholicism in an effort to manipulate the situation. Now that would be a great commem! Struck to mark their conversion and fealty to Rome and not the queen!
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  17. willieboyd2

    willieboyd2 First Class Poster

    Perhaps Great Britain could issue coins commemorating Royal Impeachments.

    Edward II, Charles I, …

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  18. Rushmore

    Rushmore Coin Addict

    Meghan graduated from a Catholic high school so there's a chance
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  19. charley

    charley Well-Known Member

    "Graduated" is subject to many definitions. In this particular observation, The Catholic Church..... and more particularly the Archdiocese that particular center of learning is located....sincerely apologizes for the mishap.

    The Archbishop of that Archdiocese has been excommunicated, in order to prevent future disruptions to the Faith.

    He has been replaced by another Archbishop, and she is prepared to correct any such transgressions going forward.
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  20. charley

    charley Well-Known Member

    Yes, that was in fact on my mind when I posted, I did not want to dive deep into the historical context and appear to be a smart azz. My interest in all things Pope and the egregious choices made by same as applies to Royalty throughout history, is a result of my Jesuit training, where the beatings continued until I agreed. Just when I think I am out, they pull me back in.
  21. princeofwaldo

    princeofwaldo Grateful To Be eX-I/T!

    Buwhahaha!!! I love it. Agree, the suggestion that there was some sort of devine inspiration to all things Papal has always left me scratching my head. Yet after a string of DE Medici puppets nearly every century for half a millennium that were punctuated by the occasional pope of true saintly proportions, couldn't help but wonder if maybe there is some heavenly intervention in it. Who am I to challenge the Jesuits after all?
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