Hadrian’s Travel Series

Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by H8_modern, Jan 29, 2023.

  1. H8_modern

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    Went to a great little show in Vienna, VA yesterday. Probably 60 tables or so but the quantity and quality of ancients rivals the Baltimore Whitman show.

    One of my better buys was a Hadrian denarius from the travel series and I figured a thread here could cover the whole series so let’s see what everyone can contribute.



    From one of the best, most knowledgeable dealers around

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  3. Broucheion

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    Hi All,


    Hadrian travel series
    Ar Denarius
    Size: 18x20 mm
    Weight: 3.26 g
    Die Axis: 07:00
    Broucheion Collection ROM-xxxx-xx-xx.001

    Hadrian laureate head facing right. Legend: HADRIANVS - AVGCOSIIIPP. Dotted border.
    REV: Aegyptus (Egypt) reclining facing left, holding sistrum in right hand and resting left arm upon basket. To left, ibis standing right. Legend: AEGYPTOS. Dotted border.
    Refs: RIC II, Part 3 (2nd Ed) 1482 OCRE (was RIC II-0297); BMC-0797; Cohen 99; RSC 100; Strack II-0294.
    Provenance: Ex HR Harmer, NY, USA.

    Notes From CNG: "Between the years AD 119 and 136, the emperor Hadrian travelled throughout the Roman Empire, visiting various provinces to take stock of his inheritance and calm the disquiet which had arisen in the later years of Trajan’s reign. His travels can be divided into two major episodes. The first tour was designed to shore-up Rome’s northern borders and began sometime around AD 119 when Hadrian first visited the provinces of Gaul and Germania Inferior and Superior. The emperor then crossed the Channel to Britannia where, during his stay, construction began on a 73-mile long wall across the north of the province. In AD 122-123, Hadrian spent time in Hispania, then travelled East to Asia Minor. The remainder of this first tour was spent in the Balkans and Greece, touring such areas as Dacia and Achaea, before returning to Rome, via Sicily, in AD 126.

    Hadrian’s second tour began in AD 128, when he set out on a short tour of the provinces of Africa and Mauretania. Returning for a brief stay in Rome, Hadrian then went again to Asia Minor, and continued into the Levant. In AD 130, Hadrian moved on to Egypt, where he visited Alexandria. It was while Hadrian was on tour in Egypt that his favorite, Antinoüs, mysteriously drowned in the Nile. The Bar Kochba revolt in Judaea forced Hadrian to remain in the region until AD 135. In AD 136, Hadrian returned to Italia, ending his long travels."

    - Broucheion
  4. mikebell

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    I've had this for years, bought after reading 'The Name of the Rose' and its Finis Africae.. Back when you could find decent things on eBay.
    The image is original capture, one day I'll get a nicer one - but gives the general idea.
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