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Discussion in 'US Coins Forum' started by jtlee321, Nov 19, 2020.

  1. CircCam

    CircCam Victory

    Wow. I would love to be able to see the side-by-side photos of all if you do this again in the future. I said no on that coin but from those photos that coin would be a definite yes...guessing that would be the case on other coins as well.

    Beautiful coin.
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  3. jtlee321

    jtlee321 Well-Known Member

    You can always change your guess prior to the reveal.

    I know I said I would give the reveal on Sunday, but I will be house sitting and won't be around my computer. So I will do the reveal later this evening.
  4. CircCam

    CircCam Victory

    Ok cool, based on that I’ll change my lineup to:

    1. Green
    2. None
    3. Green
    4. Green
    5. Green
    6. Green
    7. Green
    8. None
    9. Green
    10. None
    11. None
    12. Green
    13. Gold
    14. Green
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  5. jtlee321

    jtlee321 Well-Known Member

    Ok. And here are the results. A lot of great guesses. I was very happy overall with the results. I went 12-14 with 5 gold CAC. I won't complain with a success rate like that. As always he likes to leave you with a head scratcher, in this case it was the 1882-S Morgan in NGC MS-66. I cannot for the life of me, figure out why it did not pass.








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  6. jtlee321

    jtlee321 Well-Known Member




    #12 Stunning semi-PL surfaces


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  7. CircCam

    CircCam Victory

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  8. potty dollar 1878

    potty dollar 1878 Well-Known Member

    Very nice coins congratulations I'm not that much into cac but I tried and I'm not disappointed.i just guessed cac on the coins that had toining/ got some right.
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  9. longshot

    longshot Enthusiast Supporter

    You did well!
    As for me, I shot 50%...and two of my "no sticker" guesses went gold.:oops:
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  10. ddddd

    ddddd Member

    Big congrats!
    Gold on the doily, the NGC 2.0, and the MS 65 NGC Morgan were the best scores in my opinion!
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  11. ddddd

    ddddd Member

    I just noticed @jtlee321 the #12 in your reveal should also say 64 (like in the original post)....great coin but I was a little confused where the gold 65 came from that I mentioned above
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  12. jtlee321

    jtlee321 Well-Known Member

    Whoops, that was supposed to be a MS-64. I brought the images into the template and forgot to update the grade on the Morgan.
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  13. ddddd

    ddddd Member

    Mechanical error as the tpgs would say. :p
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  14. jtlee321

    jtlee321 Well-Known Member

    You caught it.. It's an MS-65 GOLD. I'll just use a sharpie and update the holder. :p
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  15. jtlee321

    jtlee321 Well-Known Member

    The two I sweated the most were the Doily and NGC 2.0, I really had a good feeling about them and really, really wanted them to get the Gold.

    I just can't see why the '82-S 66 didn't get green. I hand it is gorgeous and very clean. I hope I can get a reason when I call them when the submission comes back. It's a wait and see now. The '38 Walker was a toss up for me, it's one of those AU-64/65's that made it into an MS-63 holder. I have a feeling they thought it had a touch of wear. I just really like the coin and the really early 1.2 Rattler, it's right after the transition from the White label 1.0's and 1.1's.
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  16. ddddd

    ddddd Member

    Those two made the whole submission! I'd be a bit worried too but they were great coins. I underestimated both (the doily Buffalo I had as a green and the 2.0 Merc as a no sticker because I over analyzed the so-called "smudge" that really wasn't a smudge).

    The Walker was one I gave the benefit of doubt but mentioned it might not pass. I like it too from the picture but am guessing it did fail based on a touch of wear (or it could have just been a gut feeling no from a first impression). I wouldn't worry too much as it looks like a keeper regardless.

    The MS 66 Morgan is a mystery to me as well. I noticed a reed hit between the stars to the left of the nose on your larger photo. If that was the reason, it seems minor. I have seen those on MS 67 Morgans (although they were toned and not stickered).
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  17. Mainebill

    Mainebill Bethany Danielle

    Nice congratulations. Was a killer bunch of coins. Was too tired to take the time to go through that many coins and try and guess. I thought the doily would likely go gold though
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  18. Mainebill

    Mainebill Bethany Danielle

    My thought on the 66 Morgan was they didn’t like the surfaces and thought it dipped
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  19. jtlee321

    jtlee321 Well-Known Member

    That sounds likely. I don't have it in hand, but from my images, it looks like it might have a bit of a haze from an improperly rinsed dip.
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  20. Tater

    Tater Coin Collector

    I love the NGC 2.0. Well done. That is one heck of a batch of coins.
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  21. jtlee321

    jtlee321 Well-Known Member

    Thank you. I've been sitting on a bunch of coins that I've needed to send in, this was the first batch I wanted to go. It contained what I thought had the best chance at getting a gold.
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