GTG of my first Ngc submission - Limited for 72 hours

Discussion in 'US Coins Forum' started by Alexthegreat, Feb 19, 2020.

  1. Pickin and Grinin

    Pickin and Grinin Well-Known Member

    Alex, I was trying to give you a heads up.o_O
    GTG are a fun part of CT. And you will get answers if you follow the norm.
    That's the whole point, no one here wants to take a test.
    clicking and re clicking on photos numerous times trying to get an answer.
    The folks will just pass over the thread, like they have done already.
    Please start a new thread with an individual coin and full size photos.;)
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  3. GoldBug999

    GoldBug999 Active Member

    I like testing my grading skills (or lack thereof), but I agree that this particular posting has too many coins with pictures that could be larger.

    So, thanks for the effort in doing all the work, but as others have said, you won't get many or any people replying with GTG answers.
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  4. Mountain Man

    Mountain Man Well-Known Member

    I fast forwarded when I saw how many thumbnail photos there are. Pass.
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  5. juris klavins

    juris klavins Well-Known Member

    You might solve the cryptic nature of your YouTube video titles by stating the exact coin you're displaying in the title - the 'secret code' number can be written in the subtitle commentary, if it is important or meaningful to you. Who knows, you might actually get thousands of views, many subscribers and a popular YT channel ;)
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  6. Mkman123

    Mkman123 Well-Known Member

    Cant wait to see what you get!
  7. Rheingold

    Rheingold Well-Known Member

    Ok, so I am the first to guess.
    I will take my time and try.


    Really nice coins btw.
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  8. Reid Morgan

    Reid Morgan Member

    Great thread for a newbie like myself. I learned a lot by sitting in the peanut gallery with my mouth shut and my ears open.
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  9. ldhair

    ldhair Clean Supporter

    I'll go with 64 on the $20 piece. Nice images.
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  10. TheFinn

    TheFinn Well-Known Member

    I'll wait for the Readers Digest version.
  11. Alexthegreat

    Alexthegreat Active Member

    At least one person who got a benefit from this posting. So it was not vain at all :)

    As already mentioned, in my opinion this is the best and the most efficent way of presenting my submission. That's the reason why I will not create seperate posting with photos of the slabbed versions. So here are the results of grading:

    $2,5 1914 D MS 63
    $2,5 1915 MS 62
    $5 1909 D MS 63
    $5 1912 MS 63
    $5 1914 MS 62
    $5 1914 S MS 58
    $10 1932 MS 65+ :wideyed:
    $20 1922 MS 65

    My estimation was a little bit too conservative. The only real suprise is the 10 Dollar Indian Head.
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