GTG Lincoln Cents....kinda?

Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by *coins, Sep 14, 2018.

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    I picked up some Lincoln cents a few years and they have been sitting every since. I got a good deal for a bunch of folders for $75 and it had almost all coins from 1909-2007 (and separate proofs) and many keys (no S-VDB, 22 NO D, OR 31-S).

    Anyways, I was looking through it the other day. When I received it, I labeled the 'nice' coins with numeric grades. I think some are off now that I look at them now and would like your opinions. So, this is kinda a GTG, but not quite...
    Pics below. These are in nice grades, but all except the 1913 are cleaned. If you want close up or extra pics of a certain coin, let me know. Thanks for your opinions!

    This is a 1909-VDB cent and it is cleaned. I had it labeled as AU-55.
    DSC_7695.JPG DSC_7697.JPG

    Next is a 1909 cent. The story with this one is really weird. I swear it had beautiful blue toning and other colors. I popped it out of the folder and made the mistake of not using gloves to handle it. Yes, I know you should always handle coins on the edges. I do not usually do that when putting coins in folders or taking them out. I will use gloves from now on!
    The beautiful toning disappeared immediately and underneath was cleaning and now there is a giant fingerprint that will not come off! Frustrating. It's still a nice coin. I had it labeled as XF-50.
    DSC_7698.JPG DSC_7699.JPG

    Next is a 1913 cent. This one caught my eye because it is such a nice example of a teen cent from Philly. I had it labeled as AU-55, but I don't think it is that nice looking at it now.
    DSC_7700.JPG DSC_7701.JPG DSC_7702.JPG
    And lastly is a 1931-D cent that is cleaned as well. It's a nice coin too. I had it labeled as MS-60 and think that was definitely too high.
    (Sorry, the first photo isn't super clear.) DSC_7704.JPG DSC_7705.JPG

    Thanks again!
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    Nice good looking old coins.
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