GTG 1899 Barber half...

Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by mrweaseluv, Mar 3, 2024.

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    This one has been one of those longer hunts, I took years to find my beautiful 1913 d barber half for my 7070 and that one was AU/details cleaned.. Well I had reached a dead end with the 7070 as the few remaining coins needed were beyond my budget in the lowest of grades... So I decided to split my type set into 19th and 20th century+ modern issue... This opened up slots on both sides meaning I could once again look for some nice affordable type coins... This particular slot however has been difficult to fill. One of those "price jumps/shelves seems to be a simple 18 or 19 starting the date with even low grade 19th century coins selling 100+ it's been hard to find one I like enough to add to my typeset... The ones i like all skyrocket at auction... i paid slightly over NGC list but under PCGS list for this one but I'm happy with the coin and the price so

    GTG and feel free to voice your opinion of my new pretty lol...
    1o.png 2r.jpg 3.png 4.png
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    VF details - environmental damage
  6. ldhair

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  7. Maxfli

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    F-12 for me as well.
  8. numist

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    Fine Details ED
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    Fine details
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    @mrweaseluv is it time for the grade reveal?....we are waiting with great anticipation :)
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  17. mrweaseluv

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    I swear I posted it last night!!! Stupid interweb....

    1.png 2.jpg
  18. mrweaseluv

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    since I had a "Details" coin already for the 20thC type set, I wanted a clean grade for the 19thC but Damn they get real pricey real fast lol...
    This is the 20thCs half... yes very very cleaned but it called to me at the time
    4682068_Full_Obv.jpg 4682068_Full_Rev.jpg
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