GTG $10 1907 Indian Head

Discussion in 'US Coins Forum' started by Alexthegreat, Sep 23, 2020.

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    63, a few smallish marks that knock it down from 64.
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    Thank you for all the answers :)
    I will solve this now. The grade is Ms63 and this is right in my opinion. On the one hand the coin has nice luster on a granular surface, but on the other hand there are these tiny scratches that are typical for a very short circulation or the contact with a textile. On top of that a leak of luster on the cheakbone keeps and on the lower feathers of the eagle keeps it from Ms64.
    Overall a good coin, but I will sent it back because of it was too expansive :dead:
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  8. -jeffB

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    I applaud your discipline. I think I'd find it really hard to let go of that one once I had it in hand...
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  9. Alexthegreat

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    It is very hard! But it becomes easier when you think about other nice coins that you can buy with the money instead of this one :)
  10. johnmilton

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    Over the years I found the grading on the 1907 No Periods $10 gold to wildly inconsistent. The big problem is that the coin was softly struck, and some graders seem to have problems adjusting to that.

    Here are a couple of examples.

    NGC gave this coin an MS-61. I think that it is at least and MS-63 with a shot at 64. I ran this one by @Insider at one point, and he generally agreed with me.

    1907eagleOJPG.jpg 1907eagleR.JPG

    This one is a PCGS MS-64, CAC. It has great luster. These coins tend to be found with a satin finish instead of bright luster.

    1907 Ten Dol O.jpg 1907 Ten Dol R.jpg

    Here is the "standard type" for the design with "In God we trust" added. More changes were made to the design in addition to the motto. Ms. Liberty's hair is more sharply defined. NGC graded this one MS-66.

    1908 Motto Eagle O.jpg 1908 Motto Eagle R.jpg
  11. Mike Thorne

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    With all the hits on it, I can see why it got MS61. I would have thought it would maybe be an AU55 at best.
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