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    Fun idea, @Sulla80!

    The meaning of "Tauropolos," one of Artemis' many epithets, is not entirely clear, but among the possibilities are "pulled by a yoke of bulls" or "hunting bull-goddess." Two of my coins feature this aspect of the goddess; they are both from Amphipolis.

    Macedonia, Amphipolis, ca. 187-131 BCE.
    AE 21.4 mm 7.57 gm.
    Obv: Head of Artemis Tauropolis, r.
    Rev: ΑΜΦΙΠΟ-ΛΙΤΩΝ, bull bounding r.
    SNG ANS-113; Lindgren Europe-933; BMC-35; SNG Cop-72.

    Augustus, 27 BC - AD 14.
    Roman provincial AE 23.
    Macedon, Amphipolis, 10.25 g, 23.3 mm, 1 h.
    Obv: ΚΑΙΣΑΡ ΘΕΟΥ ΥΙΟΣ, bare-head, right.
    Rev: ΑΜΦΙΠΟΛΙΕΙΤΩΝ, Artemis Tauropolos with inflated veil, riding on bull galloping right.
    Refs: BMC 5, p. 52, 73; Sear Greek Imperial 29.

    Macedonia, Pella, 187-131 BCE.
    AE 17.5 mm, 4.99 g.
    Obv: Helmeted head of Athena Parthenos, r.
    Rev: ΠΕΛ-ΛΗΣ, bull grazing r. Monograms below and above.
    SNG Cop 266 ff; SNG ANS 598-617; BMC 91, 17 ff; Moushmov 6453; Similar to Lindgren II 1103.

    And a couple more bull coins:

    Illyria, Dyrrhachium.
    AR drachm, 2.95 g, 17.4 mm, 11 h.
    Magistrate Zopyros, 80-70 BC.
    Obv: Cow suckling calf, owl in right field before cow; ΦΙΛΩΤΑΣ above, head of Helios facing right, top.
    Rev: Square with double stellate pattern, ΔΥΡ/ΖΩ/ΠΥ/ΡΟΥ around.
    Refs: Ceka 451; Maier 221; SNG Cop 469; SNG Evelpides 1744; SNG Leipzig 715.

    Trajan. A.D. 98-117.
    Roman orichalcum as, 8.49 g, 23.5 mm, 6 h.
    Struck in Rome for circulation in Syria (?); Struck in Antioch (?), AD 115/16.
    Obv: IMP CAES NER TRAIANO OPTIMO AVG GERM, radiate and draped bust right; c/m: bucranium within incuse punch.
    Rev: DAC PARTHICO P M TR POT XX COS VI P P around laurel wreath enclosing large SC.
    Refs: RIC 647; BMCRE 1094; Cohen 123; RCV 3243; Woytek 937v; McAlee 509; Strack 479; BN 953-5. For c/m: Pangerl 63; Howgego 294.
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    This aspect of Athena is new to me especially "bull rider with inflated veil" - thanks for sharing - I also really like the bucranium countermark on Trajan!
    Thank you, as always, you set the bar for presentation - great poster & coins!
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  4. Pavlos

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    Very nice thread and coins!
    That Phokis triobol is great and I would love to have one a day. Is that the issue that was used to pay Spartan mercenaries?
    Also a nice and well centered example from Akanthos.

    These are some of my cattle coins:

    Crete, Gortyna. AE Bronze. Circa 245-221 B.C.
    Diademed head of Artemis right, bow and quiver over shoulder.
    Reverse: ΓΟΡΤΥΝΙΩΝ Bull standing left, his head turned back to right; all within wreath.
    Reference: BMC 63. Jackson pl. 12, 5. Joy 465. SNG Copenhagen 458. Svoronos, Numismatique 107.
    11.02g; 25mm

    Thessaly, Trikka. AR Hemidrachm (circa 440-400 B.C.)
    The hero Thessalos, petasos and cloak tied at neck, holding band around head of forepart of bull right.
    Reverse: ΤΡΙ-Κ-ΚΑI-Ο-И, forepart of bridled horse right within incuse square.
    Reference: HGC 4, 311; Slg. BCD Thessaly 768 var.
    2.66g; 16mm

    Ionia, Samos AR Drachm (Rhodian Plinthophoric standard) or Tetrobol (Attic Standard (according to Barron)), 210 - 185 B.C.
    Facing lion scalp.
    Reverse: ΣAMIΩN; Forepart of ox charging right; krater, grape bunch, and grain ear below.
    Reference: HGC 6, 1241; Barron 2.
    2.96g; 16mm

    Illyria, Dyrrhachium AR Drachm. Pankratas and Diodorou Magistrates. Circa 208-48 B.C.
    ΠΑΝΚΡΑΤΗΣ, Cow standing right, suckling calf left, serpent-entwined staff below.
    Reverse: DUR DIODWROU around double stellate pattern within square.
    Reference: Mionnet Supp. 234; Maier 199. Ceka 466 var. (symbol).
    3.34g; 19mm
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  5. Sulla80

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    I probably need another long winded thread to cover stories of Philomelos' seizure of Delphi, the Third Sacred War, mercenary armies, The Battles of Crocus Field, and Thermopylae...all of which are aligned to this coin issued under Philomelos...circa 357-354 BC...
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  6. Kavax

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    first coin minted in occident...

    Bruttium, Sybaris 540-530 BC, Stater 7,77g
    Spagnoli group A1


    and some bulls charging to commemorate the new records high at wall street :)


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  7. Ryro

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    Way late to an AWESOME party!
    I'd never heard of the auroch either, until now. Now it's all I want to eat for dinner:smuggrin:
    Best of the bull right here:
    Not quite Marius's mules (nor related to the LEGENDARY Marius) is Marius's moos:
    Those hellenistic Greeks took no bull!
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  8. Sulla80

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    δεν έχεις αγελάδα, φίλε - what is the last coin in that set?

    Thank you, glad to see the missing coin represented - adding to the one that @Terence Cheesman posted of the Thourioi distater.
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  9. robinjojo

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    Here's a reshoot of a coin that I've posted in the past, a tetradrachm of Lucania, Thurium, 443-440 BC.

    15.47 grams

    D-Camera Lucania Thurium tetradrachm double nomos 443-400 BC 15.47g Reshoot 4-6-21.jpg

    The bull is associated with Poseidon, especially the bull of Crete.
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  10. Ryro

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    The Seleucid medusa/Alexander?
    "And, you do not have a cow, man". Noice. Well played:hilarious:
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