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    I reduced prices on the coins on my page of Greek coins for sale:

    There are some very nice silver pieces and some excellent AE as well.

    The rest of this post is about your reference library and some books that would improve it. I am selling seldom-offered major SNG's for about half of their prices elsewhere.

    Many are very tall folio SNG's. When CNG sells books, they get far more than I am asking. I don't have their audience and they deserve to get higher prices than I can ask. But, if you were, or know, the underbidder at their spring book auction you will see that every one of these is priced very low and should be snapped up. I want about 55% of what any major firm gets (and I have the web site links to prove it).

    Some collectors collect coins and have few books. Others collect books in addition to coins and I think they benefit from the books. Plus, the books make a beautiful collection too!

    If you are interested, write me at the email address on the site. I ship only to the US. They are listed below and at my site:
    which has many more books as well.

    Sylloge Nummorem Graecorum (almost all are folio, that is, very tall, about 15", but not thick):

    SNG ANS part 1: Etruria-Calabria (cardcover) Very good condition. No marks. [$95 SOLD]
    SNG ANS part 2: Lucania (cardcover) [$85] both together [$165] not much more than half the most recent price elsewhere I could find.
    CNG had parts 1 and 2 for $255+fees.

    Sylloge Nummorum Graecorum: The Collection of the American Numismatic Society: Part 3: Sicily I. Abacaenum-Erex. Folio! Huge paperback. 1975. 38 plates. Very good interior. Nice cover but spine sunned. $1092(!) on Amazon [$85 + $7 shipping. It is folio, tall, and hard to ship.] (I could not find these individually on CNG)

    SNG ANS part 4, Sicily II Galaria-Styella (hardcover) Excellent, but former owner's name on flyleaf. [$85 SOLD]

    SNG ANS Sicily III: Syracuse-Siceliotes (Sylloge Nummorum Graecorum: The Collection of the American Numismatic Society, Part 5, Sicily III, by Denyse Berend.
    Note: This includes Syracuse with some of the finest coins of all. Hardcover,folio (15 1/4" x 11 3/4"; you need a tall shelf), hardcover, nearly new. There was one copy on Amazon at $155 and a second copy listed at $485. Here, an excellent copy: $95 + $7 shipping (it is large and awkward to ship) media-mail in the US only.

    SNG IV Fitzwilliam Museum, Leake and General Collections, part VIII, Syria-Nabathaea. Folio. 1971. Covers very thick. Plates 117-136. Excellent plates. None on Amazon or vcoins and a book consolidator search found none. [$39 + $7 shipping (it is folio!)]

    SNG IV Fitzwilliam Museum, Leake and General Collections, part II, Sicily-Thrace.Folio. 1972. Covers very thick. Plates 15-33. Excellent plates. [$39 + $7 shipping, it is folio] A web search found none on Amazon or vcoins and it at $86 elsewhere.

    SNG IV Fitzwilliam, part I (Spain-Italy) Folio. 1972 Plates 1-14. Nearly new. Very thick covers. [$39 + $7 shipping]

    SNG (Sylloge Nummorum Graecorum) ANS (American Numismatic Society) VI, Palestine-South Arabia. Hardcover. Folio. 1615 coins photographed, covering the Holy Land very well. It should be a $100 book, but they printed too many for the market. Supply and demand have balanced. Hard to pack it is so big (not thick, but folio! You need a tall shelf!) [$25 including S&H in the US (US only) media-mail. It is tricky to ship because it is so large, but I'll absorb the cost.] A great reference work. I use mine a lot.

    [SNG Evelpidis]. Sylloge Nummorum Graecorum. Grece. Collection Réna H. Evelpidis, Athens. Part II. Macedoine, Thessalie, Illyrie, Epire, Corcyre. (Louvain, 1975). Plates 32-54, coins 1127-2045. Heavy boards. Very Fine condition. [$29]

    SNG Deutschland Munchen 1 (Hispania-Gallia Narbonensis) Cardcovers. Very fine. No marks. [$29 + $7 shipping]

    [SNG Lockett]. Sylloge Nummorum Graecorum. British Series. Volume III. The Lockett Collection. Part I. Spain-Italy. Part II. Sicily-Thrace. Part III. Macedonia-Aegina (Gold and Silver). Part IV. Peloponnese-Aeolis (Gold and Silver). Part V. Lesbos-Cyrenaica: Addenda (Gold and Silver). (London; Published for the British Academy, 1938-49). Complete in five parts. Folio. 64 fine plates illustrating 3,542 coins with accompanying pages of descriptive text. All in the original printed card covers. Very Fine condition. Important and seldom offered, original edition of this major collection. Clain-Stefanelli 1913. Daehn 1971. Kroh p. 13 (four stars).
    My set is in better condition from the looks of the bindings (CNG's were far from "very fine"). Their set went for $1900 + fees in summer 2019. If you know who the underbidder was, let him or her know of this set which is better and much less expensive. [$1495]

    Sylloge Numorum Arabicorum Tubingen. Palastina.. IVa Bilad as Sam I, 1993, 51 pages which include 18 plates, map, folio, tan card covers. Near new. No marks. $100 elsewhere. $59 here + $7 shipping.

    Not folio, but large:
    Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris, 1994, 34 pages, 146 plates each with facing text,tall quarto, red cloth, dust jacket. [Very good, former owner's name on flyleaf, but that's all. Dust jacket very good. $115 + $7 shipping. (This book is more than worth it if you collect any coins from that region).] Compare to:

    Not folio, but large. Roman [68 through Nerva] coins. (Biblioteque National [Paris, France] Collection) Monnaies de l'Empire Romain Du soulevement de 68 apres J.C. a Nerva, by Jean-Baptiste Giard. 366 pages and 147 plates. Identifications in French. Covers the coins of the Civil War and then Galba through Domitian and Nerva. Massive. Huge numbers of B&W photos. If you collect the end of the twelve Caesars, you will want this book. $95 SOLD + $7 shipping.
    ex CNG (this book: sold at $120 + fees).
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