Greek and Roman Amphorae

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    Struck at Apameia under Antioch VI, the following bronze coin has an amphora on reverse with AI in exergue. It weighs 7.25 g. SC 2015. I'd like to share it among my coin-friends. Please post your Greek and Roman amphorae.

    Amphorat O.JPG Amphorar R.JPG
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    Cool coin! Really interesting reverse...
    You may want to check the obverse for bronze disease.. I am certainly no expert but I do get worried when I see green in spots. Hopefully it is just a natural patina. Search CoinTalk as there are many threads on the subject - I would do that just to ease my mind.. but I am a worrier..

    Here is a small Greek coin I purchased in a group lot... I really like the amphora and lyre reverse..


    Myrina, Aeolis. AE 17mm. Laureate head of Apollo right / MY-ΡI, decorated amphora; lyre right.
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