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    Both SOLD.
    I sell some ancient-coin literature on my sale page:

    These might interest you because they are two of the finest sale catalogs with Greek AE emphasized.

    M&M GMBH 17 (2005, Oct. 4) "Sammlung Hans Hermann Gutknecht" MLV. MQP. 1233 Greek, almost all AE, in B&W + 4 color page plates. 1149 Greek AE, 62 G silver. [Not the highest grades, but an outstanding selection, and all Greek AE] [$12 SOLD]
    Greek AE (1149)


    Kunker 133 (2007, Oct. 11-12) including the "Friedrich Popken collection of Greek bronze coins" HV. VHQP. 2553 ancients, all in color, many with enlargements in color. 809 very high grade Greek AE, 27 RP, 23 Celtic, 438 G, 178 RR, 670 RI, 8 DA, 149 Byz with some AE. [This might be the most beautiful catalog of Greek AE ever printed.] [$16 SOLD, with PR, as always for my sale catalogs. Do not expect PR if you buy elsewhere.]
    Greek AE (809)

    Shipping is $3.50 for the first and 75 cents additional for each other book or catalog in the US only.
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