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    One Of A Kind

    "The term unique means one of a kind. In numismatics that is a very sought after distinction, since the collector who owns a unique coin has no competition. In United States coins there are quite a few unique coins. And not counting grading levels, which sorts out coins by their grade, there are a number of reasonably well known unique coins."

    One Of A Kind


    1873 Aluminum Cent

    "Most die trial pieces were made in limited numbers. Since these were intended solely to test the dies, or to be used as gifts for collectors, and there was no consideration give to distributing them to Congressmen so as to influence a decision for a design change, only a small number were made. Judd estimates 4 to 12 known (Rarity-7) for the typical die trial piece ........"

    1873 Aluminum Cent


    1974 Aluminum Cent

    "The famous 1974 aluminum cent. Although this piece is listed in the pattern books, it is technically not a pattern, die trial or experimental piece. It is really a rejected or cancelled regular issue similar to the 1964 Peace Dollar or the 1907 Rolled Edge Eagle.

    During the early 1970s the price of copper was rising to the point where the penny almost contained one cents worth of copper. This led to the mint testing alternative metals. Aluminum was chosen to the point where over 1.5 million of these were struck and were ready for delivery to the public before ultimately being rejected."

    1974 Aluminum Cent - 1

    1974 Aluminum Cent - 2

    1974 aluminum cent remains illegal

    "The Mint's policy regarding the 1974-dated aluminum one-cent pieces remains the same; the pieces were experimental and never issued by the Mint. Any still outstanding are considered property of the United States government and may not be circulated, sold or held in collections. If they were to appear in the hands of the public, they are, and will continue to be, subject to confiscation by the United States Secret Service, as no individual may acquire valid title to them."

    Still Illegal


    1944 Steel Cent

    "The first 1944 steel cent to be submitted to the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) under its new Mint Error Program has been certified as authentic and graded MS60. The off-metal rarity is one of the few mint state examples of this error known to exist."

    "The 1944 steel cent is regarded by many as the poor sister of the more famous 1943 copper cent, but in reality it's a great rarity in and of itself," said Fred Weinberg, mint error specialist/consultant for PCGS and a world-renowned authority. "This is one of the neatest of all mint errors, and there are probably less than five mint state pieces known to exist. One specialist was able to trace only two examples in mint state."

    1944 Steel Cent - 1
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