Grading coins from Pics Round 2

Discussion in 'Contests' started by bigjpst, Feb 2, 2011.

  1. sro114

    sro114 New Member

    1. 67 - I'm guessing there is more luster than is apparent in photo.
    2. 65 - Probably a 64 but will go with what I think they did.
    3. 63 - It is probably bumped up one, but I hope not :)
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  3. wledswift

    wledswift New Member

    First, I'm envious of the Lincoln
    1-66RD again a beautiful coin
    2-64 might have been a little higher except for the ding in the face of washington
    3-63 just a few to many problems for a higher grade

    Thanks for the fun contest
  4. jello

    jello Not Expert★NormL®

    1883-O MS-63
    1957 Washington quarter MS-67
    1940-D Wheat MS-66RD
  5. pk_boomer

    pk_boomer Junior Member

    I'm not in the running, but I'll play along for kicks. Again, I started with my first impression and then checked on photograde to verify.

    Lincoln - MS66 (I started at 65 but after checking photograde it almost looks like a 67, so i split the difference)
    Washington - MS63 (I thought the strike looked a bit weak on the obverse but I'm not an expert, I'm just talking out of my butt)
    Morgan - MS64
  6. d.t.menace

    d.t.menace Member

    1. 66 RB
    2. 64 Nice strike but too many nicks for a gem.
    3. 65 I'm thinking thats one grade too high but I was one grade low on the last one.
  7. greenmamba

    greenmamba New Member

    I know I least got one right out of the first round but name did not make it on the list. Good luck to everybody.
  8. cubenewb

    cubenewb Consumer of Knowledge

    1. 66
    2. 64
    3. 64

    Can anyone impart some wisdom on the reverse of the quarter? (I'm not trying to help other contestants so pm me if you have an answer and don't want it public) To me it looks 'mushy'... which would indicate a weak strike IMO? I've seen pieces like this and often had difficulty assigning a penalty to the coin for that feature.

    Also@OP, those are scratches on the coin at Coin 2's eagle's breast, right? Or on the holder. My grade assumes the former
  9. ikes4ever

    ikes4ever Senior Member

    ms-67 very nice lincoln
    ms-64 going with that b/c its in a PCGS
    ms-63 very tough to tell by that pic
  10. 2schnauzers2luv

    2schnauzers2luv Junior Member

    1: 66
    2: 63
    3: 63
  11. bahabully

    bahabully Junior Member

    Still pending:

  12. hamman88

    hamman88 Spare some change, sir?

    1. 66

  13. DionHurst

    DionHurst Member

  14. bahabully

    bahabully Junior Member

    ok.. where are the 4 horsemen ?
    & wigg
    .... bring it boys.
  15. rlm's cents

    rlm's cents Numismatist

    Uhm, 7 - 2 = 5. Where is howaboutatrade?
  16. bahabully

    bahabully Junior Member

    He's in the middle of the road,,,,, where my current double vision is not seeing ; )

    Good call out RLM's,,, you are a reliable designated driver .......
  17. bigjpst

    bigjpst Well-Known Member


    Still waiting........Sooner you guys get your grades in sooner we can move to the next round.....
    Off to Long Beach
  18. green18

    green18 Unknown member Sweet on Commemorative Coins Supporter

    Hey, enjoy youself at the show Biggy.......:)
  19. wiggam007

    wiggam007 Cut-Rate Parasite

    #1 ms66
    #2 ms64
    #3 ms63
  20. bahabully

    bahabully Junior Member

  21. howboutatrade

    howboutatrade Active Member

    Lincoln MS67 (Very Nice Coin IMO...could make higher, would have to see in person)
    Washington MS63 (Not a fan of deep dings...especially in key spots, dings are hard for consistency)
    Morgan MS64 (Scratches better than dings, there are many)
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