Grade this coin. 1971 ddo 003

Discussion in 'US Coins Forum' started by some-willie.willieWANT, Jan 14, 2020.

  1. some-willie.willieWANT

    some-willie.willieWANT Active Member

    20200114_134802.jpg 20200114_134802.jpg 20200114_000232.jpg 20200113_215648.jpg

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  3. Michael K

    Michael K Well-Known Member

    Definitely looks good. Did it come out of someone's collection?
    MS 65/66.
    Because of the angle and the lighting, I can't see if there are any
    tiny imperfections.
  4. NewbietoCoins

    NewbietoCoins Well-Known Member

    Looks nice based on the pictures. I would say MS65.
  5. Kevin Mader

    Kevin Mader Fellow Coin Enthusiast

    MS66. A little less light as Michael suggests to perhaps see the surface better, but looks like only light abrasions on the lower bust/beard, small ding on the eye (unfortunate) and a spot by LIBERTY. Obverse looks very nice, a few dings on the rim but the eye is drawn to the important stuff. Reverse also sharp with only a few small bag digs, one a bit heavy on left column, but spread out. It's a terrific coin and a ddo to boot!! Enjoy that coin!!
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  6. Pickin and Grinin

    Pickin and Grinin Well-Known Member

    Luster breaks are the big determining factor when going over 65, especially in focal areas. Not trying to kick the OP, or degrade the coin, it is an awesome find. How ever he got it.;)
    The first photo on this thread says that this coin should not go above 64.
    Just saying it is hard to get a good interpretation of the coin.
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  7. Kentucky

    Kentucky Supporter! Supporter

    I'd say 63 or 64
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  8. some-willie.willieWANT

    some-willie.willieWANT Active Member

    I appreciate your time and thank you, I try to get pictures that do the cent justice but I literally strapped my loop to my phone with a rubber band to take these, but nobody can be upset with 64!
  9. some-willie.willieWANT

    some-willie.willieWANT Active Member

    It was a "original bank roll" that I was given for Christmas
  10. Pickin and Grinin

    Pickin and Grinin Well-Known Member

    Merry Christmas! It's a fun coin! Nice pretty RD.
  11. Islander80-83

    Islander80-83 Well-Known Member

  12. Kevin Mader

    Kevin Mader Fellow Coin Enthusiast

    Browse Heritage Auctions. It would be advantageous with clearer and better photos where lighting doesn’t wash out the surface. But I think your coin is comparable to the mid MS coins there. One MS67 coin has larger bag marks in similar areas.
  13. some-willie.willieWANT

    some-willie.willieWANT Active Member

    thank you!
  14. some-willie.willieWANT

    some-willie.willieWANT Active Member

    I’m going to put the set up I had back together and take all of advice you Guys gave me and get the best pictures I can, I appreciate everyone’s time and I love being a member of cointalk!
  15. some-willie.willieWANT

    some-willie.willieWANT Active Member

    I definitely do! It’ll be my first coin submitted and I’m not dissatisfied
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  16. Islander80-83

    Islander80-83 Well-Known Member

    Who are you submitting it to and when?
  17. some-willie.willieWANT

    some-willie.willieWANT Active Member

    I dont know when, at least by the beginning of February. Most likely pcgs.
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  18. Islander80-83

    Islander80-83 Well-Known Member

    No problem. Post the results here when it comes back.
  19. chascat

    chascat Well-Known Member

  20. buckeye73

    buckeye73 Well-Known Member

  21. John Johnson

    John Johnson Active Member

    I see a couple of dings, so I'm thinking 64, maybe even 63
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