Got my fix on Ancient Greek and Roman coins

Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by Moekeever, Oct 18, 2021.

  1. Moekeever

    Moekeever Well-Known Member

    Went to our fall coin club show this past weekend. I visited my favorite ancients dealer to view his selection. He just got a collection in and I was in heaven. I purchased 9, four are Greek and the other 5 Roman. The beauty of each coin just blows me away.

    The photos are not very good and I’m currently swamped with other projects. When I get time I will provide better photos.

    8FB8CD99-6CD0-48FF-BD2C-702805894288.jpeg A575A7DE-3C45-4F00-B628-7555FB321F4C.jpeg 5B54165C-0270-4E90-8BF7-DCADAA7986F7.jpeg 16970EBF-EFEE-4F2E-BCC9-9EB2EB323953.jpeg 31E7C6F3-E551-42DE-809F-26AEED029C28.jpeg D782563C-5C36-49D5-A0F3-279C7F050277.jpeg 5696EA53-6E70-479F-9CAE-F4662C1304D0.jpeg 9DF85778-E83A-4320-98E2-313C0EF1F3C9.jpeg 7F57AEFB-41B2-45B0-9781-2A953D07F2AF.jpeg 010F2A60-03A7-4004-9B6D-343B6560CD14.jpeg
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  3. Moekeever

    Moekeever Well-Known Member

  4. furryfrog02

    furryfrog02 Well-Known Member

    Great pick ups!
    I haven't been to a coin show since 2019 now. Almost 2 full years. I'm looking forward to going to the Baltimore Whitman show next month with FFIVN and hopefully picking up some new ancients.
  5. Moekeever

    Moekeever Well-Known Member

    I had time to break out one coin. It has some problems but I really like it.

    Greek Luciana Vella
    334 to 300 BC
    Obj: Athena
    Rev: lion devouring a rams head
    Silver Nomos
    74D4D930-FD72-42C3-8CEA-29DA2808FC0A.jpeg 4626BA9B-C39B-4794-92C6-9CE3B3687FC5.jpeg
  6. Moekeever

    Moekeever Well-Known Member

    Tonight’s coin is

    Greek Thessaly Krannon
    3rd century DC
    OBJ; Poseidon
    Rev: Horseman galloping

    6F03ED26-ECEB-48BC-93C8-B66F62CA1675.jpeg 36225795-C83C-4115-B367-6C9298BF6D7F.jpeg
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  7. Moekeever

    Moekeever Well-Known Member

    Sikyon, pelo Ponnesos
    Circa 265 to 299 BC
    Obj. Dove flying
    Rev, “SI” in wreath F63F5F69-AB3B-4765-AAC2-7455DF956FAA.jpeg 1E2F375C-02B1-4604-84FC-E5F64C8B52C4.jpeg
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  8. furryfrog02

    furryfrog02 Well-Known Member

    I really like this design. I picked one up on the cheap earlier this year
    1866 5 Cents - Rays (44).png
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  9. Moekeever

    Moekeever Well-Known Member

    Very nice. I felt I purchased these at a very reasonable price.
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  10. dougsmit

    dougsmit Member

    This two bird obol was sold to me as ex. BCD.
  11. Moekeever

    Moekeever Well-Known Member

    The last of the Greek coins.

    Greek, Macedonia
    Obj: Alexander III THE great
    Rev: Zeus holding eagle and scepter
    336 to 326 BC

    8C35C3ED-E82D-4BA0-91C6-EFFAB4472B6D.jpeg FCB6ACC8-59DE-4E1D-8880-3D82B702A242.jpeg
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