Got me a Hannibal to go with my Scipio Africanus today !

Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by bcuda, Oct 16, 2019.

  1. bcuda

    bcuda Well-Known Member

    I got a Hannibal to go with my Scipio Africanus today.
    Hispania Antigua
    CARTAGONOVA. 1/4 Shekel. 220-205 a.C. Cartagena (Murcia). A/ Cabeza de Hannibal / Melkart-Heracles, laureada a izquierda con clava. R/ Elefante a derecha. FAB-487. Ar. 1,76g.

    Here is my Scipio

    Carthago Nova ,Iberia, c. 237 - 206 B.C.
    Spain, Carthago Nova Æ Unit.
    Roman Occupation after 209 BC.
    Bare-head left
    Scipio Africanus
    Horse standing right; palm tree
    CNH Class XI, 282;
    SNG BM Spain 127-128; ACIP 609.
    10.30g, 23mm,
    Ex Javier Paris Collection.
    Roma Numismatics auction E-61
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  3. bcuda

    bcuda Well-Known Member

    Two of the important Roman (Scipio) / Carthaginian (Hannibal) battles that were in Spain during the second punic war were the battle of Ilipa and Castulo.

    Here is a pic of my coin from Ilipense where the battle of Ilipa was

    And one from the battle of Castulo. One of my many Castulo coins.

    IMG_6365 (3).JPG IMG_6364 (4).JPG
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  4. Ancient Aussie

    Ancient Aussie Supporter! Supporter

    Great pic up, I like your battle coins as well.
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  5. Jwt708

    Jwt708 Well-Known Member

    You are on quite the Iberian kick huh?

    Here's a related coin:

    Carthaginians in Hispania
    AE 1/4 Calco, 1.5g, 13mm; mobile military mint, 218-208 BC.
    Obv.: Wreathed head of Tanit left.
    Rev.: Crested helmet left, with cheek guards.
  6. ominus1

    ominus1 Well-Known Member

    ..huh..kool...i wasn't aware there were coins of Hannibal...i know @Alegandron 's gonna go ape on that one :D
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  7. red_spork

    red_spork Triumvir monetalis Supporter

    Here's a related one, one of my favorite in my collection, the "incuse" legend victoriatus, struck likely at a military mint under the younger Scipio in Spain during the Second Punic War:
    Roman Republic AR Victoriatus(3.10g). Anonymous, ca. 211 B.C., military mint in Spain. Laureate head of Jupiter right. Border of dots / Victory standing right, crowning trophy with wreath. Below, ROMA incuse on tablet. Line border. Crawford 96/1
  8. Alegandron

    Alegandron "ΤΩΙ ΚΡΑΤΙΣΤΩΙ..." ΜΕΓΑΣ ΑΛΕΞΑΝΔΡΟΣ, June 323 BCE Supporter

    WAY COOL, and WELL DONE, @bcuda !

    Out of all my Carthage collection, I have none with a portrait bust of Hannibal. Bummer for me.

    I am kinda waiting for the right one, but I am getting a little impatient with myself!

    Here is one from when he was occupying Capua, and had promised to make Capua the capital of Italia when he destroyed the Romans... oops, plans were busted. And the Romans destroyed a lot of these coins making them pretty difficult to find.

    Campania CAPUA AE Semuncia 216-211 BCE Juno Xoanon Hannibal capital Italia SCARCE.JPG
    Campania CAPUA AE Semuncia 216-211 BCE Juno Xoanon Hannibal capital Italia SCARCE
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  9. Yorkshire

    Yorkshire Well-Known Member

    nice one, i got 2 coins from Carthage from @Bing want to get myself one of those quarter shekels sometime maybe next year really love the design of the horse.

    OBVERSE: Date palm tree with fruit
    Rev: Horse head
    Struck at Zeugitana, Carthage or Siculo-Punic, 3d-4th Century BC
    8.2g, 20mm
    SNG Cop-10

    OBVERSE: Head of Tanit left
    REVERSE: Galloping horse right
    4.59g, 15.6mm
    Struck at Carthage, 3d-4th Century BC
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