Gorgoneion/Owl Onkia

Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by Phoenix21, Nov 21, 2023.

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    Purchase off of vcoins a little bit ago that I hadn’t taken the time to post.

    My first couple of years into collecting I stumbled into ancients, and I found gorgoneion coinage to be an attractive piece of the ancient world. There was an old member on here, stainless/Anthony, that I developed a good friendship with at the time and that started my ancient bug.

    I periodically watch for the right pieces I want to add (at the right price) and found this on vcoins awhile back. I added it to my watch list and after a bit I received a notification that the seller reduced the price, and I jumped on it as I found it to be a great looking piece (even given part of the missing lizard on the reverse, but I find it to add to its charm).

    But anyways, TL;DR version, here’s the coin below

    Sicily, Kamarina, c. 420-405 BC. Æ Onkia (13mm, 1.5g, 6h). Facing gorgoneion. R/ Owl standing r., head facing, grasping lizard in talons; grain ear to r.; pellet in exergue. CNS III, 7; HGC 2, 552.

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    Nice details!
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    I like owls...
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