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    Gold Encyclopaedia & Diary

    "This comprehensive reference work represents the world's most complete source of information on all aspects of gold."

    Want to know the history of gold ? It's in here. Want to know historical values of gold ? It's in here. Want to know when gold was first used as jewelry, money, coins ? It's in here. Everything you ever wanted to know about gold can be found on this web site.

    Gold Encyclopaedia


    Mike Locke's California Gold

    "I am a collector and dealer in small gold coins and tokens of all kinds.
    CALIFORNIA GOLD is of special interest, but coins and tokens weighing less than 1 gram of any kind are of interest
    I have made information about these pieces available because of the large amount of mis-information that exists. Also, I want to encourage you to contact me with descriptions of the items that you own. Of course, these lists are also useful for understanding my for sale list. Please peruse the links provided at the left. Some of links are aging a bit, but the information is still valuable.

    My denominated California Gold guide is an update to the period 1 section of the 1st edition of "California Pioneer Fractional Gold" by Breen and Gillio. The 2nd edition of the book is more up to date."


    Harry W. Bass - Gold Collection

    Possibly the finest collection of US gold coins of all time, the Bass Collection is a site to see. It is also very informative and contains a great deal of information about the individual coins - with pics of course. For anyone who wishes to collect US gold - this site is a must.

    "The Bass Collection Gold
    We hope you will enjoy examining the HBRF Permanent Collection of U. S. Gold, Patterns and Currency, and learning more about American numismatics. During the last three decades of his lifetime, Mr. Bass collected several thousand U.S. gold coins, and carefully constructed one of the best collections ever in the history of U.S. numismatics. Following his death in 1998, the best-of-the-best were chosen for this permanent collection, and the rest were put up for sale. This permanent collection contains over 500 of the best, having premier examples of coins, currency and patterns, including some unique items that are not to be found anywhere else. From the 1960s until his recent passing in the spring of 1998, Mr. Bass avidly pursued his love for numismatics. While many series came under his careful eye, it was the field of United States gold coins that interested him the most.

    The Harry W. Bass, Jr. Research Foundation, in cooperation with Bowers and Merena Galleries, Inc., has chosen these outstanding selections from his holdings, emphasizing the early era of the gold series, 1795-1834, and included many later pieces as well. With descriptions provided by noted numismatic historians, Q. David Bowers and Mark Borckardt, and photographs by Douglas Plasencia (all from Bowers and Merena Galleries), the coins are each described with their salient features and in many instances, their numismatic and historical significance."

    Harry Bass - Gold Collection

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