Gold Sacagawea dollar is a strong possibility in 2019

Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by green18, Sep 15, 2018.

  1. green18

    green18 Sweet on Commemorative Coins Supporter

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  3. ldhair

    ldhair Clean Supporter

    That's going to be a great looking coin.
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  4. LakeEffect

    LakeEffect Average Circulated

    Yes, I never considered it before but that coin would be dynamite in real gold.
  5. Sullysullinburg

    Sullysullinburg Well-Known Member

    Would be a cool item for sure.
  6. physics-fan3.14

    physics-fan3.14 You got any more of them.... prooflikes?


    Just, no.

    Think of the thousands of people who will now argue with us about their "golden dollars" being absolutely convinced that they really are gold, because these ones are.

    This seems like a genuinely awful idea.
  7. -jeffB

    -jeffB Greshams LEO Supporter

    Because 2019 - 2000 = ... ?

    I assume they're thinking about the special Native American reverse series, but I think they'll want to make that a bit clearer.
  8. -jeffB

    -jeffB Greshams LEO Supporter

    I think the Mint's goal to "prevent confusion among the uninformed" went away about the time they put out a five-cent piece that didn't say "cents" anywhere on the design. ;)
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  9. COCollector

    COCollector Well-Known Member

  10. Silverhouse

    Silverhouse Well-Known Member

    I am on the fence. It would like nice, but yes, then tons of people will be thinking theirs is real gold. Well most do now anyways! That's the number one reason I hear why people hoard them. Every time I tell them they are not real gold, I get yelled at or a scowled look like, *I* don't know what I'm talking about.
  11. Conder101

    Conder101 Numismatist

    Twentieth year of production.
  12. -jeffB

    -jeffB Greshams LEO Supporter

    Ah, I see that they've corrected the article. (When I copied and pasted that quote, it did say "10th anniversary".)
  13. Santinidollar

    Santinidollar Supporter! Supporter

    I’d love to get the $1 gold. Possible confusion by the misinformed shouldn’t play into it at all.
  14. NumisNinja

    NumisNinja Active Member

    As long as that only do the eagle reverse in gold and not Jim Thorpe. That may be one of the ugliest reverses in history.
  15. Santinidollar

    Santinidollar Supporter! Supporter

    Never get between a fool and his folly.
  16. brg5658

    brg5658 The Horse Coin Guy

    Not sure what confusion people are worried about.

    I believe the gold versions would be of the original eagle reverse design with the date actually struck on the obverse. The eagle reverse hasn't been used on dollars since 2008, and the date of the base metal dollars has been on the edge of the coin since 2009.

    Gosh, are people confused by the gold Kennedy pieces? Or the gold Standing Liberty pieces?

    I'm not saying I will purchase one, but any outrage or uproar about supposed confusion is just hot air. The lay public are generally ignorant of all things numismatic, why be outraged over this one?

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