Gold coin shipment Waybill 1864 San Francisco to New York

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    Waybill: Gold Coins August 12, 1864 Shipment of a bag of gold coins, valued at $1,000 going via Wells, Fargo & Co. from San Francisco on the steamer "Golden City" to Panama, then land transfer to Aspinwall (now named Colon, Panama) on the east coast (Caribbean Sea) and whatever connecting steamer will take it on to New York City. 1864 (This was typical of the hazardous shipping of valued merchandise before the days of the Panama Canal! Transcontinental railroad wasn't yet in place, either, and there was a war going on! ) History: Dave Keller - Historian

    Note: "...but actual contents and value unknown..." Inflation indicates $1,000 in 1864 → $16,314.84 in 2019. Imagine the actual surviving coins and the value(s) today!

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  3. micbraun

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    Nice piece of history. Now you need one of the gold coins which were on that steamer :)
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  4. willieboyd2

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    I wonder if this coin was part of the shipment:

    United States $20 1864-S

    It certainly has been through a lot.

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  5. Paul M.

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    I love this! Wish I had something like this to frame and hang on my wall in my office.
  6. NYandW

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    Agree.. too bad my image is too small... :-(
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