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    Garlicus Debt is dumb, cash is king.

    1 - 2010 Abigail Fillmore MS70 - $825, includes shipping

    1 - 2011 25th Anniversary Silver Eagle set $565, includes shipping
    Some of the Eagles are starting to tone. No scratches or marks on coin surfaces, but ‘dust’ on outside of capsules may appear as such. All original packaging.

    I am not the best with pictures, but I am posting some, and can attempt to get better pictures, if you are interested. I do the best I can with an iPad. Maxed out pics, so reverse pics can be sent or posted elsewhere.

    Payment methods accepted (coin(s) will ship after payment has cleared): PayPal, check or money order. I am also interested in acquiring my first slabbed $5 Gold Indian with good eye appeal, or a tube of 2018 or 2019 ASEs, so that can be factored in, as well, for partial payment.

    2B832263-678E-4D16-9361-E4C5DC90EB48.jpeg 6CF18FEF-0F3A-4DB6-B439-41093EA1CE0B.jpeg FA870F67-AE9F-4745-927B-D8E07061A50F.jpeg
    DEFCCED1-9C99-4F06-97E1-3D6BDA4B636B.jpeg 2A1E0C58-973B-4046-9B95-263BF45FC9A2.jpeg ACA1297A-4918-4F3F-94E7-7D1EAB43D58D.jpeg 3C4EB13E-212A-4BD3-8830-05E11C97304E.jpeg BAC9F7DF-6FCA-4B28-AE95-12DB8DEADF0A.jpeg 88EBB71A-7450-4167-9C03-9E8B6C100DC0.jpeg
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