Going back in time to 1000AD in coinage

Discussion in 'World Coins' started by panzerman, Dec 26, 2020.

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    I did this for my "Ancient cointalk friends" So here is a shorter version for World CT members....
    AV 4 Dukaten 1931 Belgrade Mint/ Countermark "Sword" Serbia/ Alexander I/ Queen Maria of Romania 1919-34/ Kingdom of Yugoslavia
    AV 4 Dukaten 1848-A Vienna Mint/ Ferdinand V 1836-48 Austro-Hungarian Empire
    AV Dukat 1746 Nurnberg Mint/ HRE Franz I von Lothringen 1745-65 Schwabish-Halle
    AV Dukat 1697 Bern Mint/ Kanton of Bern
    AV Quadrupla/ 2 Doppie 1595/ Postumus Issue/ Parma Mint/ Ranuccio Farnese 1592-1622 Duke of Piacenza/ Parma
    AV Fiorino di Camera ND (1494)/ Roma Mint/ Pope Alessandro VI 1492-1503
    Papal States
    AV Florin d'or ND/ De Hague Mint/ Willem V "The Insane" 1350-94 Comte de Hollande
    AV 4 Tari ND/ Messina Mint/ Konrad II von Hohenstaufen 1250-54 King of Sicily/ Emeror of Germany/ HRE
    AV Pagoda ND/ Unknown Mint/ Kuttalonga I 1110-37/ Eastern Chaluykas/ ex: Adams Collection Triton XVIII 5788d07a1a2f27ef48853b63ba549973.jpg f5d2ab03ca76e995b53be1c4294754c4 (1).jpg 00196q00.jpg bern-1697-6295875-XL.jpg lf (1).jpg lf (2).jpg 8f03ca70cee77a51fe3e151aad50249c.jpg hollande-pays-bascomt-de-hollandeguillaume-1442481-XL.jpg italien-1719858-S.jpg d1db1f6fdf964c504bcd0e68663c5caa.jpg
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  3. fretboard

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    Wow, all of them are really nice! It may not be the most expensive but I like the 1697 with the Bear! :D
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    GDJMSP Numismatist Moderator

    Ya know panzerman, one of these days they're gonna write about you ;)
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  5. CaptHenway

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    Very Nice presentation!
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  6. Seated J

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    All great coins. The strike on the 1746 is unbelievable!
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  7. Mr.Q

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    Great post, thanks for the education. Happy New Year
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  8. panzerman

    panzerman Well-Known Member

    Germany produced the most gold/silver coinage of any Country by a wide margin. Almost 1/5 of Friedbergs book on Gold coinage is devoted to Germany. Most German coins where issued by the HRE/ Church/ City/ or Foreign Occupation forces (French/ Swedish) Coins ranged from the massive AV 100 Dukaten (350g.) to tiny 1/32 Dukat .06g! Also Germany was first to strike milled coinage in 1400s/ it took England another 200+ years to accomplish machine made coins. There is no person alive with the necessary funds to complete a German coll. in gold/ not even Vladmir Putin or Bezos. It would cost more then the entire USA debt 30 Trillion$. I have a teeny weeny AV collection from Germany (200+ coins):(
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