Glendale Coin Club Coin Show 10/23/11

Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by illini420, Oct 26, 2011.

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    I arrived at the show a couple hours before it opened to the public in order to help set up. Set up went pretty smoothly and we had power run to all of the dealer tables well before opening. In total, 29 dealers were at the show and after opening to the public at 10am the show was fairly busy throughout the day. Seemed like the public really came out for the show. I'm sure the youth auction and the gold & silver coin raffle drew in some of the crowd to the show as well.

    At a smaller show like this, I never really expect to find more than a couple of things that interest me and I rarely expect to buy much. However, at this show, I seemed to find quite a bit of material that interested me and I acutally bought much more than I had expected.

    At one dealer's table, I saw a few U.S.-Philippines coins that looked decent, but they were the later dates from the 1940s. I happened to ask if he had any others not in the case and he asked what I was looking for. Told him I really wanted any of the denominations dated 1909. In 1909, the San Francisco Mint produced One Centavo, Ten Centavos, Twenty Centavos, Fifty Centavos and One Peso coins for the then United States Territory of the Philippines. I always thought it was cool that these coins were produced in the same year, and in the same building, as the super key-date 1909-S Indian Head Cents and the 1909-S V.D.B. Lincoln Cents. Anyways, the dealer showed me a lower grade 1909-S USPI Centavo, probably in Fine condition that was less than $10 so I got it. Then the dealer showed me the following coin:


    The 1909-S USPI Fifty Centavos is a tough coin to find in grades above VF/XF. This coin is probably an AU55 or so and has a neat look to it. Since I've been looking for a nice USPI 50c for a few years and this was by far the best I've seen, I had to get it!

    Another dealer had an awesome display of exonumia from various world's fairs and other expositions. In addition, he had several love tokens and counterstamped coins. One that caught my eye was the following coin:


    I thought that the 1898 Barber Quarter "My Valentine" love token was neat since it was a higher graded coin, XF details, with a relatively simple carving. Plus, the coin was priced reasonably so I went for it. The same dealer also had a several counterstamped coins. I immediately noticed an 1875-S Twenty Cent piece which was counterstamped with "20" on each side and remembered one of my friends was building a type set of U.S. coins that had counterstamps. Figuring that the 20c piece may be a tougher coin to find counterstamped, I gave him a call and ended up buying that coin plus a couple of others for him:


    I bought a few other coins from some of the other dealers, including a 1954 Franklin Half that looks MS63/MS64 for only $10! Also got a few Barber Quarters and Halves I needed for an album I was working on.

    The last item I purchased at the show really caught my eye. I saw these in the case and hadn't seen anything quite like them so I had to ask more about them. Initially, I thought they were medals of Antartica, but I learned they were of Iceland and a topographical map of the sea floor surrounding the country. The medals are in sterling silver and in bronze and were limited to 750 made in silver (3.2 oz.)and 3000 in bronze (2.5 oz.). I was told they were produced in Finland in 1978 for the 30th anniversary of Fishing Limits Protection in Iceland. In any event, I thought the very high relief design of these medals was really neat and bought them as I hadn't seen anything quite like them before.


    Toward the end of the show, the tickets were drawn for the club's gold and silver coin raffle. Tickets were sold for $2 each and a total of 3 silver and 4 gold coins were given away. I didn't win any of them unfortunately, but I was very happy that one of the tickets I sold was the winner of the big prize, an 1853 $2.5 Liberty Gold coin. Pretty nice win off of a $2 ticket!!!

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  3. Siwash

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    I particularly like the Iceland medal. Fascinating.
  4. illini420

    illini420 1909 Collector

    Yeah, that high relief look with all of the layers just looked so cool that I had to buy them!
  5. Marcelo Ebling

    Marcelo Ebling New Member

    i have coin of .....Austria, Joseph I, Ducat, 1915 (Restrike)
    Can anybody help me to know the value of this coin..
    Austria, Joseph I, Ducat, 1915 (Restrike)
    Laureate head of Joseph I right
    LOD . ILL . REX A . A . 1915-HVNGAR . BOHEM . GAL .
    Crowned double-headed imperial eagle facing
    Reeded edge
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