WTS: Getting the band back together (I'm on a mission from God)

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    Over the next few months (once I get set up again after my move to Philadelphia in August) I'm going to start building my website back up with coins for sale. I've spent years building up quite a stash, and it's time for me to start really paring it back - and building my website back up will be the best of worlds for me for multiple reasons.

    I've already started adding items to it - so I thought I'd share the links. There are only two pages at this point, so you won't get tired looking through them (haha)

    Miscellaneous Items (at this point has a few different tokens/encased coins, a bunch of world silver, and a couple US coins) and Graded Coins (has a list of everything available right now, and for graded coins I am always open to reasonable offers.)

    Edit: Wanted to mention that I CAN ship items to Canada - but a shipping quote will be required first.

    Thank you, and have a great week!
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