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    d_lairson Looking for loose change

    I was watching the history channel this morning and I saw an ad for this company

    I went and looked at the website and what a bunch of S**T!

    I thought that the home shopping people were bad, but this just blows my mind! I cannot beleive the number of times they mislead people on the commercial and on this site. On the TV commercial they talk about how silver was once $50 an once and could be that high again, and then they imply that there will be a huge demand for silver from China in the near future. The best part is near the bottom of the page they say that the coins will be in "BU to fine" condition... There is a pretty big difference! I know nothing about Morgan's and from just a quick look at a price guide, the seems to be a $20 difference between BU and fine!


    I looked at the rest of the website for the national collectors mint and they have 1 pound of wheaties for $34.50 plus shipping! They are charging almost $60 for the 2006 clad proof set! Don't get me started on their series of "tribute" coins!

    What really gets me is that there are people out there buying this stuff, and you know at some point they are going to try and sell it and get ticked off when they cannot even make back what they paid for it. And who will they blame? The coin dealers or other buyers out there!

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