Gelon of Gela, Sicily, Tyrant of Syracuse: My new most beautiful coin, according to RC (he's right)

Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by Ryro, May 8, 2022.

  1. Terence Cheesman

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    Syracuse Ar Tetradrachm Gelon I 480-475 BC. Obv Charioteer driving slow quadriga right Nike flying above crowning horses. Rv Head of Arethusa right surrounded by 4 dolphins Boehringer 85 HGC 1306 17.36 grms 24 mm Photo by W. Hansen syracusetd19a.jpg Back in 2020 I was on something of a mission. I had decided to acquire one of these early tetradrachms of Syracuse minted during the reign of Gelon. New York was a bit of a bust as I got seduced by a tetradrachm minted during the period of the democracy. However later that year at a NAC Auction I had another chance and I got this one. It should be noted that there were three such tetradrachms from Syracuse at that auction one of which was won by another CT er. I know he really wanted that one which was okay by me because of the three this one was my favorite.
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  3. Edessa

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    Sicily. Messana, 420-413 BC. AR Tetradrachm (24mm, 17.00g, 11h). Obv: MEΣ-ΣANA (retrograde); the nymph Messana, holding kentron in right hand, reins in both, driving slow biga of mules right; in exergue, two dolphins confronted. Rev: MEΣΣA-NI-O-N; hare springing right; below, dolphin right. Ref: Caltabiano 537 (D212/R229); SNG ANS 362-4; SNG Lloyd 1091; BMC 40; SNG Lockett 825; Pozzi 1093. Near Extra Fine, even gray toning, minor die wear on obverse, slightly soft strike. Well centered on a broad flan. From the Semon Lipcer Collection. From the Patrick H.C. Tan Collection. Ex Nilus Coins.

  4. The Meat man

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    It's a far cry from the OP's coin (and all the other beauties posted here), but here is my best representation:

  5. dougsmit

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  6. Ryro

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    Thanks so much for all the kind responses and dazzling coins:woot::artist::cigar:. Maybe next I'll share my Kimon;)
    Thanks much Doug:)
    I've got an ancient that even my little lady is enamored by. That's the go ahead for a lifelong addition.
    And Yeeeuuus! I'm so glad somebody else "enjoys", or even noticed, what you referred to as its "fold".
    The coin, thanks to our visable upper sprue, is high on the left and low on the right and then the imprint flips it so the coin is high on the right. Giving us that fun fold in-between :singing:
    I saw it, did a double take and feel in love with that "situation" and very much love the character it adds to the piece.
    Thankfully others see it as a flaw so that I can afford to hold on to it for a lifetime:smuggrin:
    If you look close you can see the sprue on both north and south pole. The lower one just doesn't give us the groovy effect as the upper so wildly.
    Ps, thanks for the resources. Bookmarked:bookworm:
    And some other Sicilians for fun:
    Screenshot_20210407-172100_PicCollage-removebg-preview.png Screenshot_20210407-170750_PicCollage-removebg-preview.png 2058211_1626462233.l.jpg
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