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    I have more up on Great Collections--trying to keep the hobby a little more self supporting and these are up.

    Most of the photos are from Great Collection, but for the first one (going by dates) I found my old photos from 2018 (when I first thought of only took a bit over 4 years to pull the trigger).

    1996 1/20 oz platinum Unicorn NGC PF-69
    1 obv.jpeg 1 rev.jpeg

    Next up is a more unusually slabbed 1 oz gold Britannia--the Chariot--in NGC MS-69
    1179114-1.jpeg 1179114-2.jpeg

    Next up a solo 1/10 Britannia, 2012 in NGC PF-70
    1179113-1.jpeg 1179113-2.jpeg

    Next, the first of two full Britannia sets (including the original packaging):
    2014 NGC PF69-70
    1179116-1.jpeg 1179116-2.jpeg

    and finally, the 2015 set
    NGC PF69-70

    2015 Britannia.jpeg 1179115-2.jpeg

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