[Game] World Coins Time Machine… Counting Backward by Year! (Plus Prize Coin)

Discussion in 'World Coins' started by Curtisimo, Jun 14, 2017.

  1. daveydempsey

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  3. panzerman

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    won this from Heritage...
    AV 1/2 Dukat 1709 Regensburg Mint
    Johann Philip Graf Von Lamberg 1689-1712 lf (93).jpg lf (94).jpg
    Passau/ Bistum
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  4. Jimski

    Jimski Well-Known Member

    Regarding "Anyone like to tell me the good news and the bad news about this coin?" ... I'm clueless ... How about a hint?
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  5. semibovinian

    semibovinian Well-Known Member

    1709 -- Schleswig-Holstein-Gottorp, 4 schilling:

    1709_DE_Schleswig_Holstein_Gottorp_4schilling_1a_DPP_2018_01_11__0040_1.jpg 1709_DE_Schleswig_Holstein_Gottorp_4schilling_1b_DPP_2018_01_11__0042_1.jpg
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  6. PaddyB

    PaddyB Eccentric enthusiast

    Well if you look in the book you will find that the 1709 E shilling with no star is a very scarce coin, which should be the good news.
    BUT if you look a bit closer, there are hints that this example may not be entirely right: The designs, both back and front, appear to be English Third bust style, but the 1709E should have the Edinburgh bust and narrow shields. So is this an unrecorded variant, or, more likely, a clever concoction where someone has floated an "E" onto an English coin? (If not faked it from scratch?)
    I paid a fair price for an English 1709 shilling for it - the seller had not recognised the significance of the E and lack of star - so it does not bother me much. But interesting what the fakers will get up to!
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  7. Siberian Man

    Siberian Man Senior Member Moderator

    War for the Spanish Inheritance.
    Carolus III (an applicant for a throne).
    II reales 1709.

    55.jpg 56.jpg
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  8. Jimski

    Jimski Well-Known Member

    View attachment 733669 View attachment 733670
    Based on your photo, I would vote for the floated E. The planchet defects look so correct. But the E appears to have some alternate toning about it, maybe some deeper scratches around it.

    upload_2018-1-31_11-21-2.png upload_2018-1-31_11-23-13.png
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  9. Stork

    Stork I deliver Supporter

    I'm a bit early, but I'm going to be busy later today/tonight (most likely) and don't want to miss. This is my second to last coin barring any unexpected new purchases.

    1708, Spain again (feel free to back up to 1709, but I was too antsy to wait!)
  10. daveydempsey

    daveydempsey Well-Known Member

  11. PaddyB

    PaddyB Eccentric enthusiast

    I am glad my 1708 is a fourpence then!
    1708 4D 1.JPG 1708 4D 2.JPG
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  12. semibovinian

    semibovinian Well-Known Member

    1708 -- Brunswick-Luneburg-Calenberg-Hannover, 2 mariengroschen:

    1708_DE_Brunswick_Luneburg_Calenberg_Hannover_2mariengroschen_1a_DPP_2015_10_16__0045_2.jpg 1708_DE_Brunswick_Luneburg_Calenberg_Hannover_2mariengroschen_1b_DPP_2015_10_16__0046_2.jpg
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  13. Siberian Man

    Siberian Man Senior Member Moderator

    The coin which was minted in the besieged city of Lille during War for the Spanish Inheritance.
    XX soles 1708.
    157.jpg 158.jpg
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  14. Jimski

    Jimski Well-Known Member

    It's been 24+ hours in 1708 so ...
    1707-E British halfcrown, S-3605, Edinburgh Mint Scotland, SEXTO

    ANNO REGNI SEXTO on the raised edge inscription indicated the sixth year of reign. There is also a 1707 halfcrown with an ANNO REGNI SEPTIMO, seventh year of reign. The SEXTO version is more common.
    1707 Halfcrown obv.jpg 1707 Halfcrown rev.jpg

    In 1707, the kingdoms of Scotland and England united to form the Kingdom of Great Britain. After the death of Elizabeth I and the accession of James I to the throne of England in 1603, Scotland, England, and Ireland entered into a personal union, the three remained separate kingdoms ruled by the same monarch. England and Scotland were united by the Acts of Union passed in England in 1706 and in Scotland in 1707, forming the kingdom of Great Britain.

    Beginning in 1707 the reverse design for the crown thru sixpence featured a shield of the combined arms of England and Scotland, prior to this the arms of England and Scotland were on separate shields.

    The significance of the other two arms on the 1707 halfcrown reverse:

  15. PaddyB

    PaddyB Eccentric enthusiast

    Darn it! My 1707 is also a Half Crown but English (lacking the E for Edinburgh) and with the Septimo edge (not shown).
    1707 HC 1.JPG 1707 HC 2.JPG
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  16. Jimski

    Jimski Well-Known Member

    This is good, now I can make comparisons.
  17. yarm

    yarm Junior Member Supporter

    1707 AE Medal by P. H. Müller. 43mm. Julius-1173. PCGS SP64.
    On the appointment of George Louis, Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg (Hanover) as Commander-in-chief of the Imperial Army of the Upper Rhine. He would later become George I of Great Britain.

    1707 Future George I given command.jpg
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  18. semibovinian

    semibovinian Well-Known Member

    1707 -- UK, 6 pence:

    1707_GB_6pence_mmE_1o_DPP_2017_11_29__0038_ca1.jpg 1707_GB_6pence_mmE_1r_PP_2017_11_29__0041_ca1.jpg
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  19. Kimotej

    Kimotej Active Member

    Ryssland Denga 1707 a.jpg Ryssland Denga 1707 b.jpg

    Russia Denga 1707 from Peter I.
    Not a coin in the best grade but the only example I have.
  20. PaddyB

    PaddyB Eccentric enthusiast

    On to 1706 - here is my offering - a simple threepence:
    1706 3D 1.JPG 1706 3D 2.JPG
  21. coin_nut

    coin_nut Supporter! Supporter

    "British 1709 Shilling with the E for Edinburgh. Anyone like to tell me the good news and the bad news about this coin?" (My lame attempt to reply a bit on the wrong page...) It that casting bubbles I see? And a slight smoothness or blurring of edges and detail? I am still waiting for 1678...
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