FYI- a few ancients available in the August giveaway

Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by lordmarcovan, Aug 25, 2019.

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    Just in case y'all don't frequent the sleepy Contests forum, I thought I would announce that I've added some more (inexpensive) ancients in my Pick Bin page. This page doubles as my swaplist, but for purposes of the giveaway you may ignore all the pricetags. I will give away two coins off that list per month- one here, and one on Collectors Universe.

    Whoever wins Prize #1 in this month's giveaway (and next month's, too) will get their choice of any coin off that Pick Bin list, free and postpaid, worldwide.

    Note that there are also number of other prizes put up for the August giveaway by my fine donor partners, and some of them are even more valuable than my stuff, though there aren't any ancients in those lots. (One does include a CD book about ancient and medieval coins, though.)

    Some of these coins came from @Ken Dorney. Others from David Connors and other venues. Sorry, there are no EID MAR denarii or Boscoreale aurei this time around. ;)

    Here is the main August giveaway page for entries.

    As of this post, we are one week away from the drawings.

    If you select Prize #1 as one of your top preferences, and win that prize, you will get to choose one coin off my Pick Bin list, ancient or otherwise.

    (But you'll also be eligible for all the other prize lots put up by my donor partners, too.)

    There is also a parallel giveaway on Collectors Universe- also for one coin off the same Pick Bin list. (You'll need membership there to post an entry, but can double your chances by so doing).

    I will continue to add more stuff up to the end of the month and beyond. Just because you might see some pieces marked as "on hold", that doesn't mean they're unavailable. It simply means they are new purchases not yet in hand.

    Also, here is a preview of some of the stuff that will be in the September giveaway.
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    I like those Sept. prizes.....but then......all the prizes are always good.
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  4. furryfrog02

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    (except me lol. I've never won but that's beside the point)
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