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Discussion in 'World Coins' started by Matthew Kruse, Apr 12, 2021.

  1. Matthew Kruse

    Matthew Kruse Young Numismatist


    “Dad’s Coin Collection”

    This is just a very small common world coin collection I saw when I was looking on CL. Worth around $5 probably. The only silver is the Mexico 1 peso which is 10% silver lol.

    You think anyone will buy it? :wacky:
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  3. hotwheelsearl

    hotwheelsearl Well-Known Member

    Someone out there probably thinks it’s a steal
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  4. furryfrog02

    furryfrog02 Well-Known Member

    Silver "AND" rare coins.
    1 silver coin and some "rare" coins.
    Either way, I wouldn't pay for that lot lol.
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  5. Matthew Kruse

    Matthew Kruse Young Numismatist

    :wideyed: There’s silver!?! I’m paying less than a dollar per coin! I hope he didn’t sell it yet :nailbiting:
  6. potty dollar 1878

    potty dollar 1878 Well-Known Member

    Doubt it,if that peso is silver its not even worth a buck anyway,my max $3 for the lot make him an offer:):).
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  7. William F

    William F Well-Known Member

    97% of the coins in that picture are worth face value, nothing more...
    I'm sure somebody will snap it up thinking its a good deal
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  8. Bradley Trotter

    Bradley Trotter Supporter! Supporter

    "Priced to Sell Fast"

    If I had to guess, this guy has probably seen too many Youtube videos and Etsy listings.
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  9. medoraman

    medoraman Supporter! Supporter

    99% of such things are scams nowadays. Years ago Ebay and CL truly did have people listing an inherited collection, and I bought some. Today, though, almost all are come ons and I got tired of looking through the dreck for the honest listings.

    This one the dude probably bought by the pound from a world coin dealer. I bet he has 30 or 40 more "Dad's collection" laying around. I bet you I could make a couple of hundred groups just like it, (except for the crappy mexican silver coin, never liked it), just from bags around my office.
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